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Friday, November 4, 2011

Rice crackers?

The only rice crackers I've actually liked since my childhood were the Wang Wang ones, which had a little salty coat of seasoning over the crunchy biscuit.

Rice crackers in general had me turning away largely due to the bland taste it had, the messiness and the sometimes plastic-y chewy texture. However, I've found the perfect rice crackers, which comes with different flavors.

Made in Taiwan, Master Mi's Rice Crackers are light, low-fat, baked and has no artificial additives. It comes in a resealable packet, and comes in a few flavors, my favorite being the original butter flavor and the seaweed flavor.

It comes in huge pieces, I would say around 6 inches in diameter, and is surprisingly light. Every bite of crisp literally melts in your mouth.

Starting with the original butter flavor - the moment you open the bag, the wondrous aroma of melted butter wafts up to your nose, but once you take the bite, you will get a beautifully mellow butter flavor which goes beautifully with the plain-tasting rice cracker. The only thing I don't like about it is that it just loses the aroma after a while of chewing.

As for the seaweed, the entire cracker is covered with seaweed bits, and it has that nice mild smell of fresh seaweed. The flavor of the seaweed is stronger for this one. Where seaweed is concerned, I like it whether it's boiled in a soup or dried and eaten plain.

The good thing I like about these crackers most is that their both LOW FAT. When you think "rice", you'd immediately think "OMG don't go there it's all carbs!". Actually you do need carbs, it's just that you need to adjust your intake so that it suits the lifestyle you're living.

Where I'm concerned, my diet should be almost void of rice products because the most exercise I do mostly is just walking from class to class. People like the gym-loving, sporty BF should have more carbs in their diet, not to mention protein and B vitamins for muscle tissue regeneration and energy.

Enough with the rant about the rice crackers and nutrients. My lack of water intake caused me to implant two humongous bites on my right inner cheek, which in turn became a ginormous ulcer. Having said that, I still ate curry puffs for breakfast, and seafood kimchi ramyun with extra kimchi on the side for lunch. Talk about being ignorant. Finishing both those things were torturous, even drinking water was painful.

A couple of weeks ago, I heard from a classmate that the 2010 SPM certificate is really for collection. How far is this statement true?

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