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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Ohana is a Hawaiian-themed restaurant at Taylor's Lakeside campus which serves up Western style meals. They provide lunch sets starting from RM8.90 (comes with a choice of drink), and they also provide shisha after 5pm.

In my opinion, Ohana's food is a bit overpriced, depending on what you order, however the plus is that the setting is really nice and comfy. All items on the menu are subject to service and government tax (due to the shisha).

Marinara - spaghetti or linguini with mussels, prawns, shaved Parmesan cheese and tomato paste. 
Ohana Caesar salad with Grilled Chicken - Romaine lettuce, hard boiled eggs, Parmesan cheese and special Caesar salad sauce. RM10.80
Pumpkin soup - served with a toasted, buttered baguette slice. Price unknown.
Ice blueberry tea - set lunch beverage option.

I've tried the Ohana Grilled Chicken on the set lunch menu and I feel that the portion is not worth the price, the fish and chips, however, are a different story. A fish fillet breaded and lightly deep fried and served with fries and a lemon wedge, but if you wanted tartar sauce you have to ask for it from the staff.

There are booth seats, floor cushion seats and also normal rattan Tiki-style tables with glass tops. I would prefer the booth seats over the Tiki-style tables just because of comfort. The 4-person Tiki table is quite limited in terms of leg room - I can't cross my legs, which is something which I would prefer to do when I'm eating.

Selection is better at Ohana because it has also some Asian selections like fried rice. The only thing that turns me off are the prices - Ohana is expensive in general, as compared to some other options on campus.

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