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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Going gyaru?

So just by impulse I've been thinking of going gyaru. Here's a pics of what they look like:

I know the middle on is my fave Xiaxue. This pic is taken from her blog at

I think it's safe to say that the gyaru style is very girly ("gya-ru" is the direct translation of English word "girl"). Though there are different types of gyaru, the main type are the types you find in Japanese beauty magazines like mina and Cawaii.

Their signatures? Differ among types, but usually their make-up is similar (some looking edgier while others look more puppy-eyed), curly, wavy or voluminous straight brown-toned hair, clothes, accessories and shoes. I never knew much about gyaru style, except that they were uber girly and their make-up are mostly of contouring and false lashes and enlarging circle lenses.

There's a setback to this whole "going gyaru" thing. A few actually.

  1. I'll have to revamp my wardrobe slightly.
  2. I'll definitely have to do something to my brows if not my hair and brows.
  3. I'll have to do false lashes every day.
  4. I'll have to do MAKE-UP every day.

Fond as I am of make-up, sometimes I'm happy to just go out barefaced. So should I or should I not? I also need more info on gyaru styles.

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