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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 1 - What do you think of dreams?

Dreams are classified as active brain activity during sleep which causes us to "see images" during our sleep. In modern day society, however, the meaning of the word "dream" has expanded.

To dream is to hope, to have a kind of target for the future. To dream actually helps many of us go on with life, because what's life without a future, and hence without dreams?

For me, dreaming is a mundane, but beautiful thing. The good thing about dreaming is that it has no limits - you can dream of anything, and since it's happening inside your head, no one knows what you're dreaming about unless you tell them about it.

I like dreaming, because I've got more fantasies than anyone can imagine. For example, I wanna be like Rinoa in Final Fantasy VIII, or have a huge house complete with a swimming pool and basketball court cum badminton court cum tennis court. Through dreaming, I can temporarily indulge myself in my fantasy, which actually does more disappointment than satisfaction, really.

However, dreams are pretty for the most part. I can dream about the BF when he's not with me, I can dream about the future I'll have with him.

My real night-time dreams, though, are really confusing. It'll jump from one random scene to another, each scene unrelated to the next. However, these dreams actually satisfy my need for adrenaline rushes, because I'm usually running or rushing from one place to another, to take care of this thing and that. I basically wake up more relaxed than I was the previous night.

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