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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 8 - What bugs you most about your generation? What do you like most about your generation?

That's a good question, but I'll try to be as unbiased as possible.

I'll start with the bugs:

I hate it that some of them are so ... "bitchy". Excuse the language but there you go. Some of my generation are just plain rude, obnoxious, bimbotic, self-centered, the works. I may just be communication problems but there are some that are actually agreed by majority vote that they are bitchy (guys and girls).

Then there's the street style, namely (excuse me, again) the Chinese girls in my city. Almost for everything they would wear T-shirt/spaghetti strap top with mini shorts/skirt. There's no creativity - vamp it up with accessories, or change the style of the top.

For the guys, I hate it whenever a guy wears his pants "low ride" style. Excuse me, guys - wearing your pants halfway down your ass and purposely exposing your large, ugly, fake underwear is not a turn-on.

Then there are those "lala" girls and guys, who are openly foul-mouthed, but the good thing is that they are really loyal friends (or so I heard).

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MAKE-UP SKILLS?! Seriously. Full lashes on a bare face? Uber thick liquid liner with an exposed lash line and no mascara? Uneven winged liner? What happened to the existence of eye shadows? What happened to girls like Elizabeth Taylor, Dita Von Teese? What happened to the girls who took pride in doing perfect make-up? Nowadays many girls (not all, disclaimer) walk around with cakey foundation, weird-looking drawn on brows, false lashes and contact lenses on bare face and eyes, and too much pink blush.

The things I like:

Also the fashion. Until I entered university, I thought that the style in K.L was just that - "lala". In university, I found girlies, I found punk, I found people with ultimately unique style. They wear clothes that I've never seen on racks anywhere before.

The open-mindedness. You can talk about almost anything with my generation now. Sex, relationships, food, experiences.

Omigosh I can list out more things that bug me than the things I like. Oh well.

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