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Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 7 - How would you describe your clothing style? Is there a specific reason you dress the way you do?

Mostly, my clothing style would be boring, because I'd go almost everywhere in jeans and a T-shirt. I'd try to make my outfit more interesting by adding accessories or glam the whole thing up with kick-ass make-up (which melts after an entire day).

But if I feel like it, I'd rock most clothes - I particularly like figure-hugging or -clinging outfits. Because I have a waist but also have a really large tummy, empire waists with butterfly sleeves help hide the tummy and the flabby arms, but also helps *ahem* expose some cleavage.

But the most important is comfort - if I were to want to dress glam, but then I know that I'll have to do a lot of things in the day that will be uncomfortable, then I'd compromise with my usual T-shirt and jeans combo.

I would actually like to think that one day some agent will discover me and revamp me into a model. Yes, I know, I shall keep on dreaming. Height-wise I'm quite deprived in my family, but I'm basically the only one in my immediate family with an hourglass shape (I'm not bragging, if you think I am, be my guest, but that just proves that you don't know me).

Which is why I like to pair figure-complimenting dresses or outfits with sky-high heels (I'm also paranoid about my leg length), preferably platform stilettos if I had them, now I have to match everything with my blue strappy platform wedges.

Even in T-shirt and jeans, I prefer clingy-ish T-shirts, preferably light and/or sheer cotton.

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