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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 6 - How would you describe the city you live in? How’s your neighborhood?

I live in Kuala Lumpur, in a suburb-ish place called Seri Petaling, which is a 20-minute walk from the Bukit Jalil Stadium where some big events and concerts take place.

K.L. is known for it's dirty streets, crowded public transport with mostly uncivilized people, and the traffic jams. Certain places are better than others, but in K.L the thing you need to worry about most are pick-pockets, acid-splashers, kidnappers, rapists, and in the shops, scammers who try to suck the money out of your pocket.

It depends on which part of K.L you talk about, really. As for Seri Petaling, it's actually quite a nice place - it's quite peaceful, easily accessible (for me, at least), and if you're a foodie, this is probably the place for you. Having already more than 20 over restaurants of different themes to choose from, Jalan Radin Bagus just opened last year, adding another 20 over restaurants for selection, ranging from fusion to Taiwanese to confectionery to bubble tea.

My neighborhood is basically alright, except for the occasional "gang" of either obnoxious, loud teenagers or perverted-looking foreign workers. My neighbors are a different story.

To my left is a family from Penang that opens up an economy rice shop at Good Tea coffee shop opposite the police station. They're practically up 24/7, with screaming people (kids and adults alike) and are completely inconsiderate where parking is concerned. Sometimes the fighting among themselves are a little scary, though.

To my right is a taxi driver, his wife who takes care of children and his son and wife. They're really nice people, very considerate and kind (they have a wild lychee tree and every time it bears fruit the wife will give us some, or sometimes if she has extra of anything she'll share some with us). The only problem is that they're Hakka (known to be loud), and the constant noise of young children.

Right opposite me used to house a nice Malay family, but they moved out and has, until now, been empty. It's also basically empty now, despite having an owner. There's a huge mango tree which is taller than our house on his front yard.

One house left from the opposite house is an old man's house. I dunno what he does all day, he lives with his wife and doesn't make much noise, except when he's driving out his Prado. His prized possession is his Prado, parked in front of the mango tree, and he hogs that parking space with buckets before he drives off, and makes a fuss when any other car other than his Prado is parked there.

One house right from the opposite house quite recently got a new family of four. They're pretty peaceful, not making much noise. The only few times I went there was to play with a mix-breed puppy who was there (I called her Sasha) when the man just only moved in, only later did he bring his wife and kids.

The others, I don't really know. There are lots of dogs along my street, so if there were to be a late-night gang walk in the night or some stranger who parked in front of their house, they'll start barking and howling and whining. The scariest part is when there's no one on the street and they bark - that's during Hungry Ghost Festival, when the spirits of the dead supposedly visit the living for a month.

Overall, I like my neighborhood. It's a 20 minute walk to the nearest LRT station, it's easily accessible, there's most of the required shops here, and most importantly my boyfriend lives in the same area. *evil cackles*

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