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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5 - To you, what is art? What classifies something as abstract art?

Art could be anything. Most people consider art to be something like painting or drawing on a blank canvas, but art can be found almost everywhere. The sheer color of a blank wall could be art. Nailing a basic stool and spraying it with red paint could be art. Or my favorite form of art - make-up.

My definition of art? Art is a creation from the heart that comes naturally or by trained skill. It could seriously be anything - a twining of wire, a simple draping of cloth, or heck, just two colors on a wall!

In my opinion, art takes imagination and skill. I don't have much imagination, but my "art" skills have been well-trained through hundreds of bubzbeauty, MissChievous, EnKore, Petrilude and MichellePhan videos on Youtube.

My sister's art is different - my older sister concentrates more on graffiti art, whereas my younger sister is more towards "kawaii" character drawing. My boyfriend did manga-style drawing.

Abstract art. The first time I encountered the term was in Daddy Day Care (Eddie Murphy) when one of the characters drew a really crappy "dog under the sun" picture and said "you need to squint to see the picture".

Until this day, I still don't know what abstract art is. Some people say it's those random-ish picture with random colors and swirls and circles and whatnot.

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