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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3 - What are some things that can almost always make your day better? Do you find yourself having a lot of bad days, or mostly good days?

It depends, actually. Most days I feel that my days are just so-so, and being the pessimistic me, I usually see more of the bad rather than the good in things.

So instead of appreciating the little lucky things that happen in my day, I usually resent all those little OMG-this-is-so-frustrating moments of the day.

Most of the time, an ice cream or any other deliciously creamy, preferably cold treat would brighten my day, but I'll resent it on my wallet later. A free breakfast, lunch or dinner may also help with my day-brightening, or just a really sweet text message from my boyfriend would be enough to send me up to cloud nine.

Even if I had good days, some little thing might ruin the entire day and I'd spend the evening and maybe night crying my eyes out (which is why I have a metal spoon in the freezer, I got this tip from Michelle Phan, either from her MichellePhan or ricebunny channel on Youtube).

Sometimes, when I get my first *insert item name here*, I get really excited and especially if it's something that I've wanted for a really long time, or have been bugging my mum to get it for me, it makes me really, really excited and happy.

I think another thing that might make my day is my blog. My blog has, inevitably, become part of my life, and whether it's an extra view on a post, or a comment, it makes me feel content that my efforts of typing non-stop has brought some benefit to some people at least.

The next thing might be when I get compliments, particularly physically. When someone says that I've lost weight, that I look good in a certain dress/color, especially when someone compliments my make-up, it really boosts my confidence (albeit temporarily).

I'm Libra, fated in life to be in balance. So usually if my day was bad today, maybe tomorrow I'd find it better, even a good day.

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