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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 27 - Do you get jealous of your friends easily? If you do, how come?

Sometimes. I honestly depends on my current status. Most I get jealous when I'm down or just recently got my whatever request rejected. My friends seem to have more freedom than me when it comes to going out for days trips or just dinner with friends.

They go clubbing, out for parties, constant shopping trips with friends, etc. Usually I'd have to plan when I ask and how to arrange my many requests by priority. This is because if I were to have gone out once in that week, my other request to go out again in that week would most probably be rejected.

Then there's the seemingly unlimited cash supply that they have - they go for Chatime, Snowflake, Gong Cha, etc. And there's also the fact that they have cars.

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