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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 24 - What do you think is the most backwards thing of today’s society? In your view, how could this be changed?

I think the most backward thing in today's society is, naively, changing boy/girlfriends every week or so.

I have heard of girls who do that - hook up with a hopeful guy, get something (usually material) from him, then dump him. If that guy happens to be those sweet guys who are really serious in relationships, then this might just make him become a bachelor for the rest of his life due to psychological scars.

As for the playboys, most likely the girl will just bawl over you for a couple of days but she'll be dating again soon. However there are exceptions to that - girls are generally those who would fall in love more deeply than guys (read "Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love" by Allan and Barbara Pease).

I don't think there's really a way to solve this, because it's basically part of human nature.

There's actually also one thing, namely in KL - using public transport, especially the KTM. The KTM is the most crowded from of public transport in KL (as far as I can observe), the next being LRT, RapidKL buses depending on the time.

Everyone who has used it knows that the KTM is crowded, so what do they do? Those who want to board barge their way in, complaining that there's no place to sit/stand, while those who want to alight can't because of that incoming horde. Where, may I ask, is the logic in that? When has KL-ans become so ... primitive?

In Singapore, it's already culture to allow passengers to alight before getting onto the vehicle. Here? There's no such thing in general. There may be guards every once in a while, with potbellies, a loud whistle and a stick, rudely "commanding' everyone to "stay behind the line". Seriously, you expect foreign tourists to come back here?

There's also the taxi "culture" in KL - in other countries (namely referring to Singapore because I've only ever been on a taxi there), you hail the cab, whether the driver likes it or not he has to stop, and drive you wherever you want to go.

Here, the taxi driver ignores you if he pleases, and if he does stop you must first ask him whether he's willing to drive you to your destination, and if he says yes then sometimes you'll have to bargain a price with him, when a sticker on the door says that the taxis run strictly on meters and no bargaining. This is actually a shame to me, which is why I would rather take the bus, or walk (if I have to), rather than take a taxi.

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