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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2 - How well do you do around blood? Does it make you squirmy?

That's actually an interesting question.

I was faced with tons of blood since I was young because I had a blood problem that led to non-stop bleeding should there be a wound on my body. At one point it was so serious that I had nose bleeds everyday and had to be admitted to the hospital. The only things I remember about the hospital were the horrible needles poked through my skin (hence my wariness of getting injections now), my nose blood dripping into my oral medicine and a girl about my age who played cooking with me.

I think even if I had a phobia of blood, it has been neutralized. Oddly enough, I actually like seeing blood - of course, in the small amounts. Which kinda explains my undying habit of picking at scabs - I find it kinda cool to see some blood ooze out, then I'll squeeze the area to get a giant blob of blood just seemingly suspended there, then get a tissue to blot that blob. Heck, I even like the rusty taste of blood.

Human blood, that is. I've encountered pig's blood before, and I don't like it. It was one time I noticed that the bottle compartment of the refrigerator had some brownish substance at the bottom, and coincidentally there was a bottle of Coke in there. I thought it was coke, but upon further inspection I found that the bottle of Coke was completely intact. I stuck my pinky into the puddle and put that pinky in my mouth. Just then my sister fished something from the bottom of the bottle compartment, which turned out to be a pig's tongue*. I almost barfed out my dinner.

I've never really faced a situation where blood was pouring out of someone, but I think it'll be something like French kissing to me - I used to detest on-screen French kisses because I thought I was disgusting to have someone stick their tongue's down your throat and transferring all their saliva into your mouth, but then I came to love French kissing (with the person I love, of course). Not saying I'll love a giant pool of blood, but I think I'll be able to handle it calmly.

If it's some other person's blood or animal blood, then it'll make me squirmy-ish.

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