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Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 18 - How would you like your life to change over the next few years? How come?

This is merely a wish, but I wish to become a make-up artist and be able to study the art of make-up.

Make-up was my first choice when I needed to make a further-education decision. My dad and some other people I knew objected strongly saying that this was an industry which is overpopulated and revenue is hard to come by unless you're like, I dunno, Michelle Phan?

So then I chose communications. The first semester was alright, but this semester ... urgh.

Anyway, I hope to have finished my degree (hopefully some part in Australia) in three year's time, and maybe be engaged a year later.

There's also this nagging hope that I will one day be discovered by some awesome celebrity and he/she will acknowledge my talent in singing/make-up, but that will forever stay a dream. My life isn't as lucky.

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