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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 17 - Do you believe in social classes?

Kind of. Ever since entering uni I found diversity in race, religion and social classes. I have a friend whose mum is a politician, another one's who is a really popular event manager, but I also have friends who have normal parents with average earnings and such.

I think it all depends on whether you think about it or not. Usually as long as I get along with the person I don't care much for social class, though there will be activities that I will not be able to or would prefer not to do with them.

Example: shopping. Not that I don't care for girly material things, but usually if I don't think I have anything I need or desperately want, I won't go looking at other stuff. Even if we were to go through all the stilettos at Charles & Keith, I'd prefer not to because one, I have no such personal financial means and two, my mum somehow objects to purchasing a pair of stiletto pumps for me.

People from different social classes, think and sometimes act differently than I do, which is why there's almost always some kind of a void in between.

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