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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 15 - What do you honestly think about your looks? Do they cross your mind much?

Honestly, it depends. Sometimes I feel like Ugly Betty, sometimes I feel like Sienna Miller.

Honestly, I think of myself as slightly more than average, but my physical flaws are my skin (uneven skin tone almost all over), flabby arms, a huge tummy and orange peel skin on the thighs and butt. My strengths? I don't have fleshy chunks on my neck, my collar bone and decollete are quite defined, I have a waist, a "nice" butt and substantially-sized boobs.

Modern people have to take care of how they look because many authoritative figures judge first by physical appearance. My looks come across my mind almost every single minute of every single day.

On those days that I feel skinny, wear make-up and/or wear a pretty dress and/or heels, I feel like those celebrities on the streets. I imagine everyone looking at me thinking "who's that chick, she's hot!".

On those days that I feel like an old hag, I feel like those miserable girls who have acne-plagued skin, a very conventional sense of fashion and style, and who neglects her hair. Sometimes I hate being like so ... fat, though family and friends keep saying that I'm already considered "slender"-ish.

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