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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 12 - Are you into the green movement? Should being environmentally friendly something everyone should be a part of?

Of course we should be involved in the green movement! Call me cliche, but I want a healthy environment for my kids.

I've been breathing in carbon monoxide and cigarette smoke since I can remember, and at one point I even liked those smells - the smokiness of it. I thought nothing of anything's reuse and recycle value and almost everything went into the trash.

Now I try to recycle as much as I can - accumulated paper, cardboard package boxes, the thick brown paper envelope that my online orders come in.

I do plan on getting a hybrid car, but the setbacks are the price. Since I'm not paying for my own car yet, I have a limited choice and budget to my desired car. Carpooling is an uncanny, but effective way to save on the world's depleting petroleum fuel source, and also reduce traffic congestion.

The only paper that I can't recycle are those filmy paper receipts. I hate those. Firstly, the ink rubs off after a while leaving only a light trace of the printing; and secondly, THEY AREN'T RECYCLABLE!!! Do you know how many places prints receipts with this filmy paper now? You can give me a crappy hand-written bill on a store-bought bill book, I'll take that over the filmy receipts any time.

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