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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10 - What are you least attracted to in the same/opposite sex?

I'll start off with the same sex.

I would usually be least attracted to girls who, in my opinion, has a sense of fashion that doesn't match mine, and those girls who don't do their make-up the way I see on Youtube make-up videos.

Like pairing a large canvas shirt with baggy canvas shorts with a giant, loose knitted cardigan on top, matched with nothing but a black hair band and a pair of ankle boots. Okay, that's too exaggerated, but you get the point.

Make-up-wise, whoever who doesn't pair their make-up choices properly or goes out in the day with shimmery face powder can just about forget about talking to me.

Sometimes you see a girl who is, excuse me, rather chubby but insists on wearing a skin-tight leopard print top with a lacey mini-skirt and matches that with a giant Korean style headband, fishnet stockings (in the day) and summer wedges. I mean, however you dream to be that shape, you gotta first accept that you're currently ... er, not there yet.

For guys:

I hate it when guys wear low-ride pants with his underwear shown to the world and think it's sexy. Please. I'd rather you have your pants right up to your waist (which is how my BF wears his pants, and it's SEXY).

If a guy persisted to be the "big man", then it's a complete turn off. You don't have to be the completely submissive guy, but you have to have some sense of compromise for the girl. I hate it when the guy talks to his girlfriend as if she's beneath him and orders her around.

I also hate it when a guy wants long hair but doesn't want to do maintenance. It's seriously not whether you want it, it's part of basic self-grooming and hygiene. Us girls don't do things for no particular reason.

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