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Thursday, October 27, 2011

September & October clothes haul + ChaTime

For some reason I like to combine my posts these days. Perhaps it's laziness. Anyway, on with the main point. My clothes haul these couple of months. I say these couple of month because it's been really a while since I've got some of the pieces and I've been waiting for a few extra pieces to do the entire post all at once.

Yes, this post is way overdue.

I got this green cut-out sleeve top from Yinhoo for RM18.90. It's cotton but I haven't worn it before. The garment turned out a little different than I expected - I thought that the cut-outs started after the shoulder area. Anyway I like this piece, though I can't think of any other way to match it other than with jeans.

Skirt also from Yinhoo, for RM19.90. It's a very light polyester material with a chiffon lining. The polyester is printed with monochromatic hearts all over, with an elastic band at the waist. I like this skirt mainly because it's the only other SKIRT that I own, and it's really light compared with my layered cotton + spandex skirt. However, it's so light that I got a bum-flash before on campus.

To match my the tube-top that I got earlier from Cats Whiskers, I bought a pair of full-length leggings that wrap around my heels. This costed RM20 from a boutique in Asian Avenue at Sunway Pyramid. The leggings have a slight sheen to it, so it kinda makes my thighs look huge.

Personally I would prefer the tube-top matched this way - these are just my at-home cream colored shorts. Any ideas for matching this fashion splurge. Seriously I've never impulsively bought a garment like this before. For one I don't know what I'm going to wear it with, and then I don't really have any place to wear this to.

So now for the ChaTime part of this post. What is ChaTime, you ask? For most Malaysians, it is known as a really popular commercialized tea-selling franchise. All branches have people literally pouring out of them. One opened near my house just lately, and people were lining up till outside and across the street, so imagine it's power.

ChaTime originated from Taiwan, opening branches in Europe, America, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. Their motto? "Good tea good time" Their official Malaysian website: click~

Personally, it's a good quality treat. Compared to the regular street-side bubble teas, these are much more expensive, costing at least RM4.90 per cup, that's a regular size minus toppings. However, the tea that they use are freshly brewed, with minimal chemicals unlike the street-side ones with tons of flavors (ChaTime has tons of flavors as well, but more sophisticated options), and their pearls are cooked with special care.

My favorites are the Jasmine Green Milk Tea and Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Tea from the Mellow Milk Tea series. I have yet to try out their other series (Fresh Tea, Coffee, ChaTime Special Mix, Oriental Pop Tea, QQ Jelly, Energetic Healthy Juice, and Smoothie series), though I have taken little sips of them from friends who bought those.

All drinks come with a set level of sugar and ice, and most are originally topping-less. For an extra RM1, you could add your choice of toppings: pearls, grass jelly, coconut jelly, red beans, coffee jelly, aloe vera, agar, and pudding. You could also set your sugar and ice options with no extra charge.

ChaTime is always releasing new products, such as the Mousse series and the Lychee series. So far I've only stuck to the Mellow Milk Tea series, but I think I'll have lots of time to try out everything since there's a branch on campus and another just 5 minutes walk from my house.

ChaTime's redemption card.
This is an advertorial, it's just that I really like ChaTime, and this would be a great alternative to the road-side bubble teas~

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