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Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's my birthday!

Thanks to all the people who wished me "happy birthday", whether in person, on Facebook, via SMS or any other means. THANK YOU!!! However, some special thanks to my mum, aunt from Japan who called specially to wish me "happy birthday" and last but not least my darling, darling, DARLING Tuzki~

Oh yeah, there are two people in my class that are having their birthday ON THE EXACT SAME DAY - Xue Ying (the sweet genius of the class) and Karmen. The entire class had a singalong right after lecture today and it was kinda awkward (for me).

I'll move on to the make-up and outfit of the day~ Today's theme is sweet 18, so I'm basically dressing to the point that it's not my style, but my make-up, nails and accessories somehow give some "goth" to the entire look.

T-shirt - a present from my aunt
Skirt - Yinhoo
Headband - Yinhoo
Bracelet - Vietnam
Earrings - IsIs @ Mid Valley Megamall
Nails - Elianto Shimmering nail polish in Shimmering Black, Elianto nail polish in Hot Pink and Estee Lauder nail polish in Shimmering Pink
Ring - my darling, from Mid Valley
Shoes - my blue wedges, forgot where I got them

I didn't really know what color to wear for my make-up, so I settled on the neutral brown, but thing got a little out of hand and a little ... dark. The whole look is basically defining the eye shape, then creating a youthful look with dark, thick brows (though mine are covered with my bangs now) and pink lips. I can never do pink blusher - not because I can't, but I feel that it doesn't really suit my style. Instead I used the only blusher I have to do some contouring.

The good thing about not using cream product for the lining was that none of my make-up smudged at all. Usually after a few hours the eye liner would "print" onto the outer part of the eyelid. Today there were only smudges at the outer corners.

For the eyes:
shu uemura Creme Eye Shadow in Beige
Shade #53 and #54 from the 120 palette (base colors)
Artistry eye shadow in Beige, Ash Black and Chocolate (highlight, tightline and crease definition)
MaxFactor False Lash Effect mascara in Black
Lancome Hypnose mascara in Black (for the lower lashes)
TheFaceShop Automatic Eye Brow Pencil in Black

For the face:
TheBodyShop Oil-Free Balancing Foundation in shade 05 (as eye circle concealer)
Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation in 12 Natural (my favorite foundation so far)
Pigeon Compact Baby Powder in Beige (setting product)
Bobbi Brown blush in Blushed (contour - cheeks)

For the lips:
Vaseline petroleum jelly (to provide smooth base for lipstick)
TheBodyShop lipstick in shade 07 (rosy nude)

For the decollette:
Callas Finishing Touch Face Powder in CPF04 Clear Pearls (shimmery effect)

 So, I shall be a bitch and show off some little details of my birthday~

Melissa was so cute to "belanja" me Baskin Robbins. And the thing was that I was almost completely in pink for Pink Day.
Also from Melissa - a hand-made card with a huge Uruha in the front!!!
The back of Melissa's handmade card - the white text on the borders are actually the words she wrote on the sides in pencil, as for the distorted message, well ... I'll spare you the details.
The highlight of the dinner - braised sea cucumber with mushrooms, pork, dried scallops and octopus.
Excuse the cheesy editing, I just couldn't help but notice my grandma's Junior Mug in the background looking at the fried noodles.
This giant box was from my darling. I shall be obsessive and let some more pictures fill most of the post. Inside consists of a card, a magic sand thing and two large ... pillows~
My lame and pathetic attempt at recreating the original bow. He gave me this box around a month ago and I was overly eager to cut off the ribbon due to a preposterously tight knot.
This was the peek that I got when I popped the lid open a month ago.
Tadaa~! Dunno why he got these, but they're nice and squishy and kyuute~
This was the other mini-present in the box - it's the magic sand thing.
Ehehehehe~ This is the other side of the magic sand thing. One of the reasons why I find it so kyuute is because it has PINK SAND!!!
Thanks to the incompetent new Secret Recipe in Seri Petaling who can't or won't restock their cakes, I had to make some slices of this and that because people in the house have pretty diverse tastes.
Close up of the green tea cheese. I haven't tried it yet but I find the green marbleizing fascinating~
Me being weird. Just had the urge to be crazy and came up with this. The box beside took up most of the flash, though.
 This post shall end here. There were a few other presents, cards and angpaus but I didn't get round to taking pictures of them.

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