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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Of recent tales

The ducks on the right, the white geese on the right.
Two of the three brown geese. See the little bits and pieces on the top left of the picture? That's the poop, and it's all over the stairs.
I'll start off with the recent frenzy with the geese and ducks at the lake at Taylor's Lakeside. I think the place is becoming a zoo - we've got dogs, fish, and now geese and ducks. These game are the main reason the stairs leading down to the lake are a land of poop mines.

A random doodle while doing our English assignment.
We have a Pakistani lecturer who has the awesome ability to talk for 4 hours straight, in an air-conditioned classroom, without water intake. This is the ability that all the chatterboxes dream about, so that they can chatter for hours on end.

The Boardwalk had a bazaar again on Friday, Su and I walked around looking at the things set out for sale. We looked mostly at jewelry, namely rings. We gave it some time before we bought anything, while sitting for a Eumora demo. I got this two-finger Peace ring for RM14.

My very first completely self-made tiramisu ready for decoration. Required: completed tiramisu, espresso or black coffee, sponge fingers (I used the chcolate biscotti).
Exactly 24 biscotti used. Dip only the flat side into the coffee and "stick" to the circumference of the dessert.
Optional: dust the top with cocoa powder.
Voila! Homemade tiramisu~!
As for the tiramisu again, I completed it, I think with a little too much gelatin, but it turned out alright. I ran out of sponge fingers at the end, so I used some Heinz Chocolate Biscotti to decorate the outside. Heinz is a baby food brand that affiliated with my mum's company. The texture of the finished tiramisu is a teeny bit too firm, but the taste is alright. =)

And now, ladies and gentlemen, presenting my new temporary car! It's a cobalt blue Peugeot 505 manual car. It's pretty old, but it's better than no car at all. The gas tank is huge, though - a full tank cost around RM130. Acceleration is not bad, but the steering wheel is a little stiff. I think the car was meant for people with longer legs, because my foot just barely reaches the clutch pedal.

 This car is courtesy of one of my mum's friends, who happens to have a car for sale but hasn't got round to selling yet. Previous owner is her son, who also happens to be my senior (and who, incidentally, has long legs).

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