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Saturday, August 13, 2011


We all make mistakes, but sometimes the mistakes we make is too serious to mend, especially if it involves a heart.

After years and years of mustering up my courage and foolishness, I finally cut myself deep enough to leave a scar. By doing that foolish thing, I etched a mark onto his heart as well.

We had an argument, because of some little thing again - the bad guy being me. I hate it when people just go missing halfway through a conversation, and since I don't know what happens after that, I tend to jump to conclusions.

So 16 hours after the abrupt end of the conversation, all I received was a text saying that he "fell asleep". Our first full on argument started there. Supposedly he slept at 5am, after a concoction of incidents. The argument got so heated that were now still in the after-effects of it.

Now I've got a few shallow cuts on my calf and wrist, and a huge plaster where the deep cut is. The problem with being apart is I can't know how he is right now. He seemed a bit suicidal a few moments ago, and I've now caused him to lose his appetite.

I'm not gonna make any excuses for myself - I have a personality, patience and temper problem, which is the main cause of everything. Hope everything will be alright...

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