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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July Haul Post~

First ever haul post, so bear with me. XD

I more or less vowed never to get ballerinas, but the trend thing got hold of me again. I got this pair at Vincci in Mid Valley Megamall for RM36.

My mum commented that my original pair of slippers looked ghastly when she saw that I wore them to college, so she made me buy a more decent pair, so here they are, also from Vincci for RM29.

I'm a fan of sudoku, those that are easier to solve anyways. XD From MPH Bookstores for RM9.90. Word searches are a great way to kill time~ From MPH Bookstores for RM9.90. And another word search book, but this is the Big Bumper one. XD From MPH for RM16.90.

My first pushup bra - Pierre Cardin for RM16.90 from Jusco. It comes in a set with panties.

Needless to say, my new contact lenses - Blincon Jazzy Ocean Blue for RM80.

TheBodyShop Oil-Free Balancing Foundation SPF15 in Shade 05 (30ml), my first bottle of liquid foundation - RM65.

My moisturizer was running out, so I thought I'd stock up on TheBodyShop's Vitamin E Moisture Cream (50ml) for RM54, but I'll most likely get Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream the next time if the price is reasonable.

I'm not a badge person, mainly because I don't know where to put the badges, but I got these at a sale on campus by I Heart Badges, the square and rectangle badges at 3 for RM10, the round ones 4 for RM10.

Finally! The Diary of Anne Frank! I've read the simplified version of this, and I'm craving the full version. I was actually looking for Yakuza Moon (which unfortunately is out of stock in Malaysia so I'll have to get it from, but this was the only book that I wanted which was available. Mein Kampf was tempting due to American History X, but I guess I'm not really that interested in Hitler's story.

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  1. Ok. Why did you recomend me like three times to vist your blog?? Nevermind, here I am!!! So a shopping fair, eh?? Talking about Sudoku, the principle in my school in argentina gave me a book about Sudoku when he saw me ding some. Sad to say I didn't complete it. I think ballet flats are cool. The badges too. I had the Diary of Anne Frank book, too.. :) Miss & kisses..... J