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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wish me luck!!!

I'm having my driving test tomorrow, so wish me the bestest best of luck!!!

I had no idea my aunt and cousin from Australia were coming today, and once I arrived home *BAM!* there they were! The little squirt who was so car-model addicted has now grown to be a real hunk at 16 and perhaps around 1.75m. XD As for my aunt, she's looking as beautiful as ever. *eyes sparkles~*

We had dinner at Puchong Curry something something at Esplanade, Bukit Jalil, and boy was the meal delicious~ Many thanks to Arthur & Janet for the lovely meal. XD Curry fish head, "peeing" prawns (I'm not sure what the official international term for it, but in Cantonese we call it that), tofu, fried squid rings, stir-fried prawns, and lots of stuff but I can't remember, 'cause I was too busy stuffing myself. XD

It's actually kinda weird hearing my own relatives speak such beautiful Australian English, while every attempt I make at an accent, I tend to sound weird and suddenly the whole "Malaysian accent" kicks in: my vocabulary and grammar just snaps back to my comfortable "Malaysian English".

The stupid Bersih rally is preventing me from wearing my favorite red top. =__= Yellow is alright as I don't own anything yellow, but red and green? C'mon lar. I heard that government officials also arrested two DiGi mascots. In case you don't know what the DiGi mascot looks like, here's a pic:

Yes, they arrested these innocent employees just because their job required them to be dressed from top to toe (literally) in yellow. And it's not like the company (a local telco company) only just launched the mascot, the DiGiMan, as he is affectionally called, has been around for at least 5 years. What the hell is wrong with them?!

I'm not saying I'm supporting any side - politically, I'm neutral, and this is partially because I don't wanna know and some things are better left to the older adults. =P But seriously, arresting a poor guy for doing his job? Though I seriously doubt it that the yellow suit is comfortable in the long run. =x

Anyway I'm still on my recipe-book-typing spree, and the twerp ain't going anywhere. =_= I'm almost done with my own, though, I'm getting a little bored. =P Sis helped me borrow a book called "Eye Candy" by Linda Mason today. To those hardcore celebrity fans, you may know who she is (though I don't). =P She's a makeup artist who "has worked on countless celebs, including Kate Moss, Jasmine LeBon, Cameron Diaz, Naomi Campbell, Charlize Theron and Uma Thurman.

Basically the 50 introduced looks in this book is kinda funky, but very basic at the same time. Linda isn't afraid to think outside of the box and some of her looks involves messy-yet-sophisticated linework and/or no blending of the eyeshadows at all, and it still looks good!

Anyway time to sleep, but first to brew and chill my coffee for tomorrow morning. XD Nites~~

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