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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A reflection of my blog

I started this blog in like, what, 2009? It been such a long time, and my content and writing style has kinda changed over time.

Reading through old posts, I realized that most of my posts were tightly scheduled, and it was like I couldn't miss a day of events in my blog. Now? I blog whenever I want, about what I want. Blogging took my at least 2-4 hours in the past, now I can type out a post in almost less than an hour (excluding photo upload time).

And god were my posts boring last time - no pictures and an endless essay of mundane daily stuff in each post. My choice of terms and vocabulary has also changed in a way that I don't have to spend 15 minutes thinking of which term/word to use, it comes naturally now. And now I know how and where to use photos. XD

Blogging has also helped change my view on lots of stuff, and needless to say it has helped me train my writing and touch-typing skills (mind you I'm not a 2-finger typist =P). I've thought of changing my link and/or the name of the blog a few times, but I never really thought of another good link, but I have changed my blog name from I-forgotten-what to Journal of a Procrastinator. XD

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