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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The plan shall now commence!

What plan, you ask? Well, it would be my body toning, weight loss and "self-discovery" plan.

For the body toning, my plan is to do some workout from a selection of DVDs (yes, dorky, I know, but for the sake of having my dream body I'll have to try) every Friday. The selection? Bellydance basics, yoga, pop dance & Jane Fonda. The whole workout thing is also to lose some weight and try to pack on some muscle.

To try to balance out the whole damn thing, I'll try to stick to lean meats, veggies & fruits, grilled or at least non-fried stuff, with an occasional indulgence of ice cream, or preferably frozen yogurt or sorbet. The whole thing with this is also to cut down on expenses. So I shall omit:

  1. Bubble tea
  2. Soft or can drinks (to the minimum)
  3. Too much fried stuff

Should have more of the "healthy stuff" like grilled or boiled or poached or broiled lean meat, lots of veggies & fruits, green tea to aid digestion, the likes. =P

As for the self-discovery part ... well, that comes after I've lost my flabby arms, thighs and tummy. I just don't have that kind of confidence and self-love that some other girls have. I just feel ... ugly sometimes. Call it peer pressure or whatever you want, almost every girl now craves for those skinny long legs, barely-there tummy and an overall slim figure. Those are the sort of girls walking around my classroom, those girls who wear shorts and tank tops to school everyday, carrying Coach bags, using iPhones and/or BlackBerrys, with pretty manicures and cascading long hair.

Being overweight and dreaming to be a runway model for most of my life, I'm pretty hard to please. Though I am proud that I lost 5kg in the span of around 3 years through loyal dieting and exercise. I've got curves, and a pretty good looking ass and bosom, but I still have that irritating tummy, which folds into three sections everytime I slouch; and even when I'm sitting straight the stupid thing juts out like I'm 5-months pregnant.

Then there are the huge thighs and flabby arms left over from the overweight years. I'm always conscious about the three (plus the tummy), and everytime I mock-complain, my mum says some pretty frustrating things. I already know what she tells me, and she points out the obvious in a very painful way.

Anyway, hopefully this plan will work out and I'll be able to feel a bit better about my body at the end. =)

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