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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A few tips for guys

I've come across countless playboys and numerous egoists who think that girls should be the one to comply to their every whim and take any kind of shit that they throw to the girl. Well, it's no wonder you're still single (to some of them, for those who have already found the secret in keeping that perfect girl, congrats!)

If you already have a girl:

First, make her feel like the only girl in the world. You do this by stopping the comparison between her and your previous exs or your buddies' girls. You could also stop staring at the numerous exposed skinny legs all around you and start staring only at hers (whether or not they're skinny). Complement on her efforts of looking nice when she's out with you, even if she complains that she screwed up her hair or make-up or chose the wrong outfit.

Second, if you really do love her, you'll accept it even if she's carrying around some extra weight that she's not happy about. And thus, whenever she complains that she's chunky (if she does), tell her that you love her the way she is. DO NOT ever say or suggest that she is chunky. It's a sin to degrade a girl like that.

Thirdly, listen and consider her suggestions and opinions - she's your girl, not your maid. She's also human, and naturally she would like to be a part of your life. Whenever you're planning something that involves her, ask her what she would like to do or have. Relationships are all about compromise, and if everything were to be about you, then you might as well continue being a bachelor.

Fourthly, never ever degrade her or her self esteem. Even girls have egos, and being insulted by your own guy is hurtful. Usually, she'll try to make herself look prettier for you, so appreciate the fact that she's putting in some effort.

That's it for the taken-guys, now for the singles. Take this scenario - you've met this girl from Facebook/school/Twitter/a blog/work (apply whichever relevant), and she's all you can think of. You'd like to strike up a friendship and (hopefully) a relationship. This should be good:

First. Be friendly. I mean in a positive way. I know some guys who are just playing around but the things that they say are hurtful and insulting. Put a plug on the sarcasm and cut the crap. What she would want is someone that would tell her the truth and make her laugh, not some sarcastic crapper.

Secondly. Even if you want to whip out some sarcasm, be nice about it. Go along with her, she would be more likely to respond to stuff she has in common than constantly opposing opinions.

Thirdly. Like in the taken-guys point, never insult her. I was feeling self-conscious yesterday and just used the My Mood app on Facebook to update my status as "Onionhead has gained weight". Then some genius decided to be sarcastic and commented "good". That is exactly the kind of stuff you want to avoid. I mean, who would want a guy who would constantly be insulting her?

Fourth. I know you guys like to win, and girls do too. Unless she's winning in every single thing, it would be nice to be cool about it. Don't throw an all out tantrum just because she beat you in Gravity Guy or DotA. But if she does seem to win everything, have a talk with her, and/or do something to improve yourself.

Now I know lots of this would seem biased to some/many of you, but this is my opinion, and hey, I'm a girl. However, please tell me if I went over the top or am wrong in some places, please comment and let me know. =)

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