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Monday, June 6, 2011


Seriously, what the hell?! I freakin' lost my flesh tunnel in my own freakin' bathroom!!! How the hell is that possible?! It's way too big to go down the drain (unless some idiot preferred to take out the sink plug) and I don't think anyone else in the house would have such a wide piercing anyway, SO WHERE THE HELL DID IT GO??!!

*calms down* X-Men First Class disappointed me. Usually X-Men movies would make me go OAO *mouth drops open*, but this one just made me go "oh I see". Seriously. It wasn't the usual breathtaking or mindblowing, or whatever you like to use. It was like a "Did you know?" article in a magazine. The only interesting part was this one:

*moves to his left* "I'm Eric Lensherr."
*appears on his right* "And I'm Charles Xavier."
*doesn't even look up* Wolverine: "Go fuck yourself."

That was it. Or maybe it was because I was being tortured by god via an excruciating bout of diarrhea stomach pains for being such a bitch. =P

Um, I'm having my exams this week, but I'm still blogging and Facebooking and watching dramas and ... OH YES!!! I forgot! I just (and finally) got IRIS, the multi-award winning Korean spy drama that *ahem* stars BigBang member T.O.P!!! *fangirl screams!!!*

*calms down again* I hate it that I don't get to drive on highways at 70km/h and that I still don't have freakin' internet at home, 'cause stupid TMNet just won't come to get it done. Can I change to unifi? They say it's much better and faster, but then my dad would flip just because we didn't ask him for permission to change the freakin' crappy Streamyx line.

I have learnt that public transport to Mid Valley is convenient enough, it's the from that would really make you wanna tear your hair out. KTM is always either fully packed or has a very long gap between arriving trains. Bus-wise you have to wait about an hour per bus. So it's fuck Streamyx, fuck KTM and fuck RapidKL U71s.

The 2010 SMKBBSP Editorial Board seniors has finally made our gathering. Neesha, J-Qi, Poh Kien, Kha Nih Tha, Pavi, Jeffrey, Xinyi and moi. Everyone looked more or less the same except for my dear lenglui daughter Xinyi. *eyes well up with emotional tears* She just looks so pretty and grown up already. *sniffs, wipes nose*

I realize I'm using lots of *...* in this post. Maybe it's because I've gone completely bonkers.

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