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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This is my favorite word for the past two weeks. And yesterday was really kanasai. *Note: the word "kanasai" is a word from a Chinese dialect (dunno Hokkien or Hakka) which means "not nice", but the current generation uses it as a more toned-down version of "fuck" and/or a more stylist approach to "shit".*

Anyway yesterday was kanasai (short from KNS) 'cause half way through my originally uber-long post i-Xcess disconnected on me and there went 70% of my post. So now I'm going to rewrite, though I think I'm gonna leave out a few of my previous points 'cause I just can't remember what I wrote yesterday. ==!

I received an text message yesterday regarding our Moral Ed assignment - it was basically just a last-minute notice that our activity will be at PAWS on the 19th and I was supposed to be on campus at 11am. A couple of friends had debated on changing groups because our original group seemed very indecisive. Unfortunately I was late in deciding to change groups, 'cause by the time I told him we were already down to exactly 8 people, which is the minimum number of people for a group.

Not that I don't like the other members, but they give me the 'I'm stuck up' feeling, just a bit. Just the indecisiveness put me off. Our original plan was to go to Nicole's mum's restaurant, work for a few hours, then use the revenue earned to donate to a charity organization, but the whole plan was called off abruptly because most of the group couldn't make it on that day. Then out of the blue around 12pm yesterday, I received that text message and was KNS-ing the whole day. =P

Anyways since my mum has found out anyway, I have an announcement: I HAVE A TATTOO. A real one, mind you, not airbrushed or the stick-on type. =P I got it for exactly 1 month and 1 day from Tribal Bodyworks tattoo studio in Sungai Wang Plaza (First floor) for (original price RM400) RM350. They told me the price and I was O.O!!!!! Anyway it took more than 2 hours to complete, 2 excruciatingly painful hours. =P

In approximately another month, I'll probably go to the studio and get some touch ups done if necessary. If there aren't, then maybe I'll get another one and then I'll have Yakuza style tattoos by the time I finish my degree programme. XDXDXD

Moving on, if you do visit my Facebook page, you'll find that I'm tagged in an entire album of black-and-white webcam photos by a Wisely Low (who also happens to be a person I usually refer to as smexy XD). We did that last Friday, after a DVD marathon of Swordfish and the GazettE's Nameless Liberty Six Bullets 2006 concert (disc 1 & 2 only). Just before that he made a very rough intro to Rainmeter. Seriously, he's not a good instructor/teacher. =P

I went for my first ever practical (on-the-road) driving lesson on Sunday. I think I made many people get heart-attacks, including the instructor. =X I almost hit 2 cars and a police truck on the highway. =P In conclusion, I still suck at finding a perfect turning angle and balancing the freakin' clutch and accelerator.

I'm seriously lacking calcium these days - my nails are chipping like mad. Maybe I should abolish nail polish entirely? Or should I just wear nail polish 24/7? =P Anyway I have a brand new diet plan:


  • Tea/coffee/chocolate (<3 teaspoons of sugar, omit creamer if possible)
  • Fruit (orange/apple)
  • Milk
  • Crackers/bread
  • Subway sandwiches
  • Bread with spreads (Milo and/or tuna and/or cheese)
  • Pasta (omit cheese, cream and/or excess oils where possible)
  • Just practice portion control and try to avoid excessively oily, fatty, creamy stuff. =P

  • Take the stairs whenever possible.
  • Have at least 10 minutes of running daily.
  • At least 100 forehand swings and 100 backhand swings with a tennis racquet daily.
  • At least 500 crunches before sleep (I just remembered that I forgot to do it last night @@)
Other stuff:
  • At least 1.75 litres of liquid everyday especially if I'm constantly in an air-conditioned environment.
  • Remember the regimen: [(2 x cleanser + toner + moisturizer + eye cream) x 2] + tea tree oil.
  • Stick to under RM10 at campus for general expenses.

The next post will definitely be a haul post for April. I'll try to put in a haul post every month. =X Pictures-wise, I'll also try to put in more pics. =P

KNS I can't find the tattoo pic. I'll put it in the haul post. =X

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