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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This is gonna be crap

My gang's having a gathering dinner tomorrow night at Shapa Shapa Shabu (again) (my business enemy). What the girls are planning to do is to go to Kiki's house, play around with makeup and take pictures. Up until a few moments ago, I've been the one with the most makeup experience and skill. Right now Kiki's learning, and I'll say that she's learning good. She's using liquid foundation, for Christ's sake!

What I suggested to Yiee was that why don't the girls come over to my place, then we'll have more stuff to play with? Something in that general context. I love having friends over, and I need training in home-entertaining. XD Yiee gave me the impression that she didn't mind, and she asked the others. Not many replied, but what Yuriko said was something like this: "Kiki's makeup skills are already better than yours so butt out."

She didn't write exactly that, but it was enough to hurt. Not meaning to step on anyone's toes, but they're 'makeup skills' consists of layering on concealer, foundation, eyeliner and false lashes. I do the complete things: concealer, primer, foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and/or false lashes, brow definition, powder, blush, contouring and highlighting. I might be lacking in material and tools, but at least I know the basics.

Their style is different than mine. My style is more Westernized as I learned most of my skills from Youtube Gurus like MissChievous and Michelle Phan. I focus more on highlighting features and letting the eyes do the talking. They're style is more Asian-oriented: Asians are practically obsessed with big eyes. So what the Hong Kong and Taiwan stars do is apply eyeliner then apply mad dramatic falsies, which is nice, but only for stage and photography 'cause it looks unnatural in real life.

My style being different doesn't make her better at makeup than I am. Yes, her skills may produce the results that suit you people, but my skills produce results that are more internationally usable. The results being compatible with your interests doesn't mean that the skills are better. And anyway, I've more experience. =)

Then there comes the times when I'm always blatantly ignored whenever I give a statement, question, or the likes. So the situation is something like that in general: we're having conversation, I get a lightbulb moment and wish to express my thoughts, but then every time I try to add in a sentence, it's drowned out by someone else. By the time I give up trying to say anything, then they only ask me what I wanted to say. And just as I'm about to start, another person just starts talking and I am once again blatantly ignored.

I've different interests in people, music, and different opinions on different topics. Everyone in the whole goddamn world is like that, so why is it that you guys criticize me so? I would think that every single one in the whole group having exactly the same interests and opinions is so boring. I'm different, so be it.

Right now I feel that the 3 years of friendship doesn't compare with the 2-month friendship I've had with my colleagues at work. A Tinh is actually like a big sister to me now, and the kitchen crew feels something like close friends I've known for a long time.

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