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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reasons why girls should wear heels

Every one (including guys) have different opinions about heels. Some say they are heaven, some say they're hell. I'd say they're both, but more of heaven than hell. Here's why.

In my opinion, wearing heels is just a matter of getting used to them. I haven't been wearing stilettos since I was a kid, but I remember owning some fancy party shoes with some height to them since I was 5. Start from a small elevation, say 1.5 inches. Then slowly increase to a maximum of 3.5 inches without platform. Scientific research has proved that wearing heels over 3.5 inches without platform would actually do something to your spine.

Since I was 13, I've been wearing 1-1.5 inch heels out shopping, and let me tell you this: never wear heels (however low they are) without a backstrap for activities that involve lots of walking. To seem more natural when walking with heels, try imagining that the points that make contact with the ground on your heels are actually points of your foot. Remember, your brain functions more on images. =)

In truth, wedges would be more comfortable than stilettos. And they're also easier to walk in as it doesn't leave you with a thin stick to balance on as opposed to wedges.

Here are the reasons why girls should wear heels:

One, it adds to the height of the entire body. In general, girls are shorter than guys. And sometimes the guy is so impossibly tall that the girl would feel like a midget beside him. So. What does the girl do? Find some nice heels. =) Platforms would be better, as long as the elevation isn't more than 3.5 inches.

Two, with the right color and style, you could actually make them compliment your outfit and/or lengthen your legs! Nude heels give the illusion of longer legs. A pair of black stilettos would be the perfect compliment to almost any outfit!

Three, it actually makes the overall women's body look sexier. With the added height on your heel but not the ball of your foot, your body automatically tries to balance itself. Thus, your chest will rise outward and your stomach will go in, creating a more curvy silouhette (guys like girls with curves more than stick figures). Your bum would also seem more shapely. ;)

Four, there's a reason why girls are addicted to heels. It's something like your identity as a woman and as an individual. Heels reinforces the feminine side of the individual, and the best thing about it is that there are tons and tons more types and designs to choose from compared to male shoes!!!

That would actually be less than I would have originally liked, but I can't think of anything else right now. The conclusion would be that wearing heels would actually make you look more feminine (maybe that's why it's so goddamn weird when I see guys wearing them), and investing in a good pair is crucial.

Usually you would browse boutiques and shoes shops for a nice pair than would be wearable to most events and occasions, but a statement piece here and there won't hurt. If you still can't find your dream heels, you can always custom design your own, at a higher price, of course. Shoes of Prey is an online store based in the US which specializes in custom-made shoes ranging from ballerinas to ankle boots. For more information visit this link. I learned of Shoes of Prey through Michelle Phan (I can't seem to find the video, she has too many of them!!) while browsing through all her amazing videos.

Right now, I own a pair of 1.5 inch sandals, a pair of silver strap (no backstrap, but the middle strap does well enough) of 3.5 inches from nose, and a 4.5 inch blue pair from Vincci. I owned a pair of aweshum 2-inch heel leather boots before, but they got damaged in Beijing. ><

Am looking forward to getting a real pair of stilettos soon~ XD

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