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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


the art of KISSING

Your lips have about a hundred times as many nerve endings as you fingertips. This explains why things can quickly get hot and heavy after a particularly good kiss!

Centuries ago, contracts were signed with an'X' and then the document was kissed, as a pledge of honor. This is why, today, the single, double or triple 'X' denotes a kiss or multiple kisses.

It turns out that kissing isn't just about intimacy and romance. If you're trying to lost weight, smooch more. It is widely agreed that a 60 second kiss burns about 26 calories.

Kissing is so popular that an entire branch of study is dedicated to it. The science of kissing is known as philematology.

Ladies who agonize over the finer points of their kissing technique can heave a sigh of relief. Surverys show that men aren't easily put off by a bad kiss. In fact, a man is more than twice as likely to do the deed with a bad kisser, compared to a woman.

Even your teeth could benefit from regular kissing. The anticipation of a kiss increases the production of saliva in the mouth which can help your pearly whites stay clean.

some facts of kissing~

Couples may transfer an average of 9mg of water, 0.7mg of protein, 0.18mg of organic matter, 0.71mg of fat and 0.45mg of salt with each kiss.

The average person spends 20, 160 minutes kissing in their lifetimes.

A French kiss moves about 29 muscles in the face.

different types of KISSES

FRENCH KISS The soulful kiss that is deep and penetrating. Both tongues touch, tease and explore each other.

CHEEK KISS Your partner gently and quickly grazes his lips on your cheek. This suggests that he digs you.

ANGEL KISS A very tender was to say 'I love you' by kissing the eyelids of your loved one.

CHILL KISS Send a shiver of delight by popping an ice cute into your mouth and proceed to kiss your partner deeply, while passing the ice into his mouth.

HICKEY KISS Leave your mark of love by gently sucking on your partner's body part till the blood is drawn to the skin's surface.

NIP KISS While kissing, nibble your partner's lips gently. Do it ever so gently to send your partner into convulsions.

NAPE KISS Your partner approaches you from behind, pushes your hair and plants a deep satisfying kiss on the nape of your neck.

EARLOBE KISS Gently bite and suck on his earlobes. And try not to clean his ear canals in the process.

FOOT KISS Get your man to worship the ground you walk on by kissing and lightly sucking your toes. continue massaging the arch of the foot while doing so.

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