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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hair issue

My hair has been going through only one change multiple times in the past few years: length. The style has basically stayed as it is since I chopped off my mess of tangles in 2008.

Since I'm now only waiting for college, I'd like to experiment a bit with . . . color. XD That's not all: hair color a la visual kei. XD Which means that I'm most likely not gonna go for the conventional auburns, ashes, mahoganies and such. Visual kei means pink, blue, purple, neon colors in general and of course: bleached.

I've been considering bleaching for the past year, but from what I heard from a salon-owner in Endah Parade, it actually makes your hair limp-er than normal as all the 'stuff that keeps your hair stiff' is pulled out. Since then I've been wary.

Anyways, going gold blonde in Malaysia is simple and inexpensive, as it's only around RM5 for a small chunk of hair. For other colors, the same small chunk would cost up to RM30. And anyway going gold blonde is over-rated in Malaysia, same as the blonde thing in the US.

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