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Thursday, March 17, 2011


I wouldn't exactly call it a gathering since one of us was absent, but it was pretty close.

I woke up in the morning around 11am then immediately got ready to go to Endah Parade to pick up some stuff. Firstly, the 'Shimmering Nail Polish' from Elianto. Heck, I didn't know that the normal nail polish and shimmering nail polish prices were different. The normals cost RM5, the shimmering ones cost RM10. And I was honestly shocked. The only difference is shimmer for god's sake!

Anyway, the color I got is number 20 Shining Ebony, which is a very shimmery ebony black, which gives off a gothic but rather glamorous, punky image. In some lightings it actually looks like a shimmery gunmetal color. I really don't want to remove the polish now, but I've work tomorrow. T_T

I got my Hot Ticket from some random phone shop inside Carrefour. I didn't know there were different types of Hot Tickets. Then I went to get my name stickers. I've had those stickers once, but they ran out fast because I stuck them to every damn thing. So this time I got slightly bigger ones (which also means less in numbers) which have the pictures of my fave buddy - DOGGIES! And the single name - Chean. I just had the impulse to get some after seeing all my CDs, DVDs, books and belongings lying around that my sis could very well just take and announce it as her own.

After all that was done, we went up to Uncle Chong's Kopitiam, where the old ship once was, for nasi goreng pattaya. Basically nasi pattaya is rice with a fried egg on top, so that's what I think anyway. This particular pattaya fried rice is really good, but the rice + the chili sauce on the omelet makes it a little spicy. And please don't order the iced lemon tea.

After getting home, I removed my nail polish and repolished my nails with the Shining Ebony nail polish while watching Jang Keun Suk's latest (I think) drama - Mary Stayed Out All Night. It's about this girl called Wi Mae-Ri (Mary) who is forced into an arranged marriage by her father and his old rich friend to settle their debts and to ease her father's guilt of letting her mother suffer. She fakes a marriage with a guy she met in a car accident earlier on to hopefully cancel the wedding, but she only succeeds in postponing it. After a while, both guys (arranged groom and fake marriage husband) eventually fall for her.

I haven't finished the drama yet, but so far it's pretty good, but slightly boring at parts. I loves Jang Keun Suk's long wavy locks. XD I've only watched 2 of his dramas - You're Beautiful and Mary Stayed Out All Night. Both in which he plays the genius mastermind vocalist/composer/lyricist of the band. Both in which he's aweshumly sexy. XD

I prepared for the gathering which would be at Shapa Shapa Shabu. My makeup is green themed lately, not because of St. Patrick's Day, but mainly because it's the color trend of the season, and also green compliments brown eyes, which is generally insignificant since I have really dark brown eyes and I wear green lenses over them anyway.

I totally forgot both face and eye primers, but my attempt at crease definition was pretty good. Both sides of winged liner was unbalanced, though. Mum fetched me there, and I think she's starting to trust me much more. Even when I asked her permission to go out for the gathering, the only thing she said was 'up to you'.

Anyway I wore 4.5 inch wedges there and the Shapa manager recognized me as the waitress from Dami. XD I dunno whether that was the reason, but he gave us an extra dish of minced shrimp for free. Actually I would prefer eating at Dami or 100'C at least, compared to Shapa. The variety at 100'C is wider and the quantity is also bigger. And I think it's slightly more economic. My lamb set cost RM27, which is cheaper than last time 'cause we didn't order drinks.

After dinner we went over to Dami for drinks and some Plum Deep Fried Sweet Potato. =) Yuriko had a Carlsberg; JW, Kiki and Yiee had Milo Dinosaurs; Ling had a red bean and milk ice blended and I had a Euro Chocolate Ice Blended. XD I lovee that one~ It's so goddamn chocolate-y that you just want more. XD

The drinks plus the sweet potato cost me RM41.05 including the 5% service tax. Taiwan DAMI does not charge government tax. =) After I paid I just waited outside for mum to pick me up, and by the time we got home, I was on the two-seater camwhoring away~ It's amazing how a pair of lenses can change the look of the eyes so much. I can actually act cute now. XD And I think I really have lost weight - my arms have lost that 'flabby' look in pictures and I have to worry less about the 'spare tyres' showing now. XD

Here are some unedited camwhore pics straight from my camera:

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  1. Your hair looks adorable!! And that nail polish colour is definitely intriguing~.

    Glad to see you had a rather good day despite any drama otherwise going on. C:

    (P.S. Pshh--- as far as I can tell, you have always looked just fine: no need to lose any weight! Still, congrats on doing so!)