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Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm currently working 10 hours a day as a waitress at a restaurant called Taiwan DAMI on Jalan Radin Bagus, Seri Petaling. I start at 12.30pm, and finish at 10.30pm. The few hours in between allow me just enough time for baths, simple meals and sufficient sleep (though I'm not sleeping well lately).

Life since Feb 7th is deeply contrasting to the days before - previously I would wake up, get a bite of something, switch on the PC then sit there until night. Now? I wake up at 11am, clean up a bit, have something to drink and get a banana, then head out to work. Until 10.30, I go home, bathe, bitch about my day then go to sleep.

Technically speaking, I'm working 7 days a week unless I ask for leave, which I have for this Saturday so that I can go for my driving test. I'm gonna miss out on a lot for this, especially the upcoming mojito open house at Tropicana tomorrow.

I used to check up on blog and Facebook updates every single or alternate day, and this is the first time in many months that I left Facebook and my blog abandoned for such a long time. =P

Anyways, I'll be on a semi-complete blog hiatus from now on, depending on whether I feel like blogging or not. As for Facebook and Twitter, they are updated practically daily via DiGi SMS. Speaking of DiGi, does anyone know where's the Maxis Center closest to Seri Petaling? I wanna change my Celcom to Maxis. =x

I actually haven't worked like this in my entire life - anytime I'm told to do tedious housework, I only get to do ONE type, as opposed to now, I have my duties divided between my co-worker and me, and even so, the work is like OMG, especially during lunch hour and the dinner rush.

I hate it when parents bring those brats with them and just allow them to do whatever shit they want to, then have us clean up after those brats later. The noise is one thing, the cleaning up is another. Then there are those inconsiderate rich bitches with over-penciled brows and gazillion tons of makeup who don't bother to budge even when hot stuff is coming.

There are also the assholes who flick their cigarette ashes every where except in the pristine ashtray on the table. Fuck them. And those who take the time to dress up nicely then smoke like a typical prostitute on the streets.

Anyways, I quote my aunt 'it takes all to make the world', though I hate that it also takes assholes and certain bitches to complete the world.

Also, Taiwan DAMI is in need of extra employees (whether they admit to it or not). If you're interested, please proceed to 147, Jalan Radin Bagus at anytime between 11am-11pm (though it's not recommended that you drop in at lunch or dinner hour). As for telephone numbers, I only have the GM's mobile number and not the boss's mobile number.

See you in, what, another couple of weeks' time? I dunno. I just know that I'm looking forward to Saturday. =)

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  1. Yikes. @_@ Full-time work can be rough~, especially if you aren't used to it.

    It reminds me of trying to get used to university classes again after summer break.

    Best of luck with everything!