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Saturday, February 12, 2011


I timed my piercing, I forgot to time my lenses - yes I got pretty lenses that last for 3 months, but for most of the two months wearing them to work would be just adding to the work load. =x

Work is getting tiresome especially without the GM around - the marketing manager at my place doesn't help much. She does take one or two plates once every hour, but that's it. Whereas Tinh and I do everything.

We had a new guy come in today, but he left as fast as he came. He calls himself Sky, supposedly from Myanmar, and wears gold watches and uses a Blackberry. The reason for his resignation? The job was too tedious, especially the sweeping and mopping part. Fuck him.

I miss my dear so much. All day at work I wanna hold his hand, hug him, have him beside me. All day I wait for him to make a surprise visit. ><

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