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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Open houses~~

CNY is a real big thing among Malaysian people, especially the Chinese, and some of them actually make the effort to invite, cook for and entertain an entire crowd (and I mean this literally) in their own home.

My dad's ex-colleague (and family friend) has a CNY 'ritual' - open house every time CNY comes around. Usually the crowd would be the family, their cousins, the neighbors, the staff and the ex-Memory Lane crowd. The house would be filled with yells and chatter as most crowd around the teak dining table for the annual gambling rounds, while others would sit by the pond or on the porch, eating snacks and chatting the night away.

This year was slightly different as the crowd was slightly different - the host didn't invite staff or the Memory Lane crowd. Take note that she cooks most of the food herself (around 10 dishes this year) and makes the effort to entertain any and everyone.

Today's Look of the Day (evening, to be exact) ! T-shirt from F.O.S., jeans, silver wedges from Nose, dark chrome multi-strand necklace from Colours, rings from IsIs and silver hoop earrings from Sinma. The theme was supposed to be toned-down glam rock, but the end results just looked a tad ... weird.

I'll do a detailed entry of the makeup later on, together with the rainbow makeup I did on Feb 3rd. I almost made a mess of this particular look, because my hands got itchy and I used something I haven't used before. Not a wise thing to do especially when you're caught for time.

The open house was basically uneventful - without the typical Memory Lane crowd, things were not as interesting and exciting. And I find the kids there a little too Gossip Girl-oriented - mature white chiffon dresses with thick belts.

This morning went to Mid Valley (again) and headed straight to the cinema. We decided on a movie and as I waited in line they checked out other stuff. Suddenly they called me out of line saying that they already got the tickets. I'm like ... EFF!! After standing there for so long in a cloud of stifling carbon dioxide, now you tell me you got the tickets?!

Then I asked to go into Jusco to find an inexpensive white shirt, immediately I was knocked down, saying that just for the job I'm getting a white shirt and working as a waitress I'm bound to get it stained and that would be bummer. It sucks being stuck in the middle.

Anyways, we looked at fridges and coffee makers before actually going shopping. What I needed (and wanted) was tea tree oil, 'cause I've only got a few drops more till I'm out. We went for a shopping spree - the total purchase summed up to around RM400! I signed up for a membership and now I have an RM40 voucher waiting to be used~~~

Before that they made a stop at Guardian pharmacy, and I wanted to get some stringy accessories. I lost my black ankle string a while back and didn't actually get round to purchasing it. And there were some pretty blue strings there, so I got a blue one for dear. ><

Today's movie was Shaolin, starring Nicholas Tse
, Andy Lau and a special appearance by Jackie Chan. The story tells about this general (Andy Lau) who fell from power after being betrayed by his junior (Nicholas Tse) and had his daughter killed in the turmoil. He then joined the Shaolin clan and learned their ways.

It would be a nice movie if you liked action, martial arts genres with a large spoonful of tear-jerking scenes. The whole movie was nice, except the few times when one stupid bitch was opening and closing the door (I was sitting at the last row, beside the emergency exit) and always didn't close it properly.

We had a last round of McD's sundaes then went home. A while after we got home it suddenly started raining, so I just played a bit with dad's iPad, and I found a game called Pizza Sudoku Supreme. The principles of the game are exactly the same, but the digits are replaces with pizza toppings like bacon, cheese, tomatoes and olives.

Right now I'm squeezing whatever brain juice I have trying to think of what to get for Valentine's. =x In a way, I find that guys are harder to shop for than girls - girls usually would accept most stuff you give them; guys are a little more ... sensitive to ego-break. =P

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