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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The CNY makeup post XD

I basically wore two types of makeup to two different CNY events for 2011, each being somewhat the opposite of each other - one is colorful and upbeat, the other is dark and dramatic.


Products used:
  1. Vaseline as base for yellow
  2. shu uemura Cream Eyeshadow in Beige
  3. Shade 57 {brown} from 120 palette for brow defining
  4. Shade 79 {bright yellow} from 120 palette for inner corners
  5. Shade 68 {bright orange} from 120 palette on center of lids
  6. Shade 46 {red-toned pink shimmer} from 120 palette for outer corners and crease
  7. Shade 98 {pale lime green} from 120 palette on the inner lower lashline (blend with yellow)
  8. Shade 16 {bright turquoise shimmer} from 120 palette for the outer lower lashline
  9. Shade 28 {deep royal purple} from 120 palette for the wing
  10. TheFaceShop Lovely Me:Ex Auto Eyeliner in White (waterline)
  11. Elianto Stay-On Liquid Eyeliner in Black
  12. MaxFactor False Lash Effect mascara in black
  13. Silkygirl Moisture Rich Lipstick in Playful {berry pink}
  14. Concealer and powder foundation
  15. Bobbi Brown Powder Blush in Blushed {pink with brown undertone}
  16. Blincon Sweetie Green circle lenses
Remember to blend everything nicely, using a clean brush. And use clean brushes to apply every different color, as any pigment residue on the brush will alter the tone and color of the shadow. What you can do is have a couple of cosmetic wipes ready and just wipe them gently on the wipe every time you're done with one color.

As for the wing, it was actually an last-minute decision. The theme was 'rainbow' and I didn't know where to put the purple (it just fades as eyeliner), so I just grabbed my angled brush and 'whoosh'! It was the finishing touch, though~

This look was actually partially inspired by MakeupPiggy's lizard makeup (it's a pretty old but cool look), especially the wing part. The scent of the day was Versace Bright Crystal.

* * *


Products used:
  1. Shade 7 {dark gunmetal} for brow definition
  2. Shade 8 {dark gunmetal} for lash line area, 1/3 of outer lower lashline and wing (use angled brush)
  3. Shade 105 {cobalt blue shimmer} for lid area (blend with black)
  4. Shade 3 {champagne} under brow bone as highlight
  5. Revlon Liquid Eye Pen in Black (to darken and define wing) [layer shade 8 over]
  6. TheFaceShop Lovely Me:Ex Auto Eyeliner in White (inner corner)
  7. Elianto Stay-On Pencil Eyeliner in Black (upper and lower lash and waterline)
  8. Lancome Hypnose + MaxFactor False Lash Effect mascara (both black)
  9. Bobbi Brown Powder Blush in Blushed (for contour)
  10. Powder foundation
  11. Lipbalm/Vaseline + powder for pale, matte lips
  12. Blincon Sweetie Green circle lenses
This was another 'throw-together' creation inspired by Michelle Phan's clubbing makeup. It was originally just the wing, but then I added some blue to give it a hint of color. =)

One thing I could've done was clean up the edges with some white shadow - I was itchy handed and used some liquid liner to define the wings when I haven't done anything like that in my life before, and it was pretty messy. =P That's why I layered on the dark gunmetal shadow to soften the line a tad.

Despite being less than satisfied with my look (it was waayyyy too dramatic for the event), I got many compliments on it. In fact I got lots of compliments for both looks~ Which also means that my skills are improving~ The scent of the evening was Ferragamo Incanto Shine.

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