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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A waste of time

I woke up at 7am again this morning, predicting a very boring day alone at some seminar with some guy blabbering stuff that's supposed to be mere common sense (it should be renamed 'rare sense', as it very rare nowadays). To my surprise, I met Liyen at the door of the driving school where we both registered earlier on.

Almost on the dot, a dark grey Mercedes van pulled up, we had our names ticked, then got on to an unknown journey to an anonymous place. After picking some more people from Bangsar, we headed for Damansara Kayu Ara, Subang. On the way, we caught up with each other - she hadn't seen her BF since SPM finished and had her hair straightened.

After arriving there, we spent more than an hour (I think) just taking attendance, getting all the information input and class distribution done. We had to wait another while for the teacher (or rather, instructor) to arrive.

While we were waiting for everyone else to be done with their registration whatsits, Liyen and I wandered around looking for the classroom. There were no specific instructions, different staff said different things, so we were confused. We met a lady (who's from China, says her passport cover) who doesn't know English or Malay, so what's the point of attending the class? Well, it's something like paperwork - it's useless, but it's part of 'protocol'.

Class started with a rich bitch behind and a I-love-to-shake-my-legs Indian guy across the little stretch of space between the seats. We listened to some pretty interesting ship before an-hour-and-15-minute break, then another hour of shit, then we waited another hour outside the classroom for other people to finish their 'seminar'.

Fuck the canteen there - there's only mamak-style food (because it's a mamak stall), unhygienic, chaotic and fucking expensive!!! Usually if you ate a Maggi goreng plus a teh panas at a regular mamak, it usually totals up to RM3. How much did they charge me there? RM4.50!!! And it tasted like shit!!!

I slept for some of the time, and I took more notes in a class than I ever had before (that weren't on a white/blackboard). To get the licence, you'll first have to attend the 5-hour seminar (the one that I just went to), take your theory test, if you pass than you attend another seminar (length depends on what licence class you're taking), then you get your L (learner's) licence.

Then you have to go through a minimum of 8 hours of practical training before you can take the practical exam. If you pass, you get your P (probational) licence. There are four 'licence' categories - LDL (learner's driving licence), PDL (probational driving licence), CDL (competent driving licence and the vocational driving licence.

Another is the International Driving Permit. The Malaysian one isn't recognized in the whole world except South Africa. Why? Because our country broke the annual traffic accident record - 500,000 cases and 12,000 casualties! Memang Malaysia boleh. =P

In Dubai, a minimum of 100 hours of practical training is required, 10 hours in UK and 50 hours in Korea. Malaysia only requires a fucking 8 hours. No wonder people are dying. Rich people just buy their licences. The government thinks that the reason for the high fail rate of the exams is because there aren't enough classes, so they're thinking of increasing the 5-hour seminar to an 8-hour seminar (dunno how true this is).

And supposedly the highway speed limit in Russia/Germany is 200km/h. I was like ... huh? My mum driving 110km/h on the North-South Highway seemed very fast already, but 200?! And your speed has to be 200km/h, if not you're considered a low driver and you get a ticket. I heard of speed tickets, but I've never heard of slow tickets. =x

I slept on the way back, went home to refresh (which means wash face, then another layer of face powder for oil control and a touch of mascara), then went out for grocery shopping and some stock for the CNY horde. There'll be around 16 people in the house that day, so we've got lots of mouths to feed. What I'm really looking forward to is playing with my cousin's baby daughter - she's just so cute!!!

Liyen reminded me about Valentine's Day today. She on her part is practically tearing her hair out trying to figure out what to get for her BF. I on the other, is opting for the cheapskate stuff. Well, not exactly cheapskate, but it's something I have that he may also like. Or maybe I could ask again. XD

So many pre-CNY chores to do - clear out my desk, my wardrobe, take the to-be-recycled paper down to the living room, put a look together for CNY. XD I still dunno whether my new blue shoes will match the pastel pink formal-like dress. =x

My posts are getting very picture-free recently, generally because of the lack of planning. In the more pic-heavy posts, I actually had a list with me - what to blog about and which picture I should use etc. The recent few posts are just thought-blabbering. =x

I'll try to add more pics here, but for now, this post ends here. =)

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