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Monday, January 10, 2011


A while ago, a tragic incident happened - Alviss Kong committed suicide after some relationship problems. He has been called 'Malaysia's Romeo' and many young people idolize him for his 'heroic' act. He even a note and a 45-minute countdown to his death from the 14th floor of a building on Facebook.

I read from a few articles that he confessed to this girl for 5 times, and for all 5 times he was rejected. He started a relationship with this girl which ended in 4 months. Because of the break up, he was heartbroken and chose to end his life.

Though it is a tragic story, I find it daft. He ended his life after a four-month relationship, which also happened to be his second relationship in his 22-year life. However heartbreaking it is, I don't think it's worth a life.

Of course, it was his decision, but he could also have thought about the other people who loved him in his life. On Facebook, he told his sister he loved her and asked her to take care of the family for him.

He also put a stop any other opportunities that he could have had in life - he could've had a successful career, a better girlfriend, etc. He could've also had another chance with the girl that he loved so much, if he just didn't end his life.

Perhaps he was in so much devastation about the end of the relationship that he couldn't think clearly - who knows? Only God knows. Let's look at the bigger picture here: there is more than one victim in this tragic tale. His family lost a son and a brother; his friends lost a friend; his ex-girlfriend will live with this shadow for the rest of her life.

The ex would most likely be accused for his death, as it was because of the relationship that he took his life. And she would (perhaps) also be blaming herself for his death.

What I really hope is that this doesn't happen to one of my friends, who is usually the object of 'playing' of some girls and he has suffered a few heartbreaks before. His life isn't an easy one - family problems, relationship problems, work problems, educations problems, etc. Hope he keeps his optimism and doesn't think to one side.

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