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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A night out

Having Yiee at NS (really miss you, girl~) and Anne moving house, the whole gang was left with 5 people - Kiki, Yuriko, JW, Ling and moi. The person who initially sparked the idea of a day/night out was me. I was complaining about being locked up at home all day, and a few days after my complaints, JW suddenly sent me a message last night:

" Hey grandma chean tomoro night 7.30 sex party at old town. Ok? "

I LMAO after reading that message, then confirmed with the rest of the gang about the time and venue. The location changed from Old Town to Padi House to Pappa Rich. The time stayed fixed at 7.30pm. The problem was, by the time JW sent me that message, my mum had just went to sleep, which meant that I had to ask her the next day.

I'm slowly slipping back to my old habit again - sleeping at 3am and waking up at 12pm, and the time is now 2.47am. Anyways, woke up at 11am this morning, snoozed till 12pm, woke up, waited for lunch hour, then only did I send the permission request message. I waited and waited, until she came home only to find out that she forgot to reply my message. =P

Anyways my permission was granted (not for the other one, though), and I was on my way out at 7.30pm. This was the first time that I was the first to arrive, the second being Kiki. We went to Kos Store to pick up a diary/planner, then went back to Pappa Rich (which so happens to be right beside Padi House, where I asked for the job).

JW came wearing black rimmed specks, which I'm totally not used to. The specks were tight, so it looked weird. Even before we had the plan set in stone, JW and Kiki were determined to have the Milo Dinosaur. They ate before, and I haven't, so I was the only one who actually ordered a dinner dish (much to my disappointment) - dry prawn kway teow.

Tonight's orders were totally against my weight-control rules - kway teow, tons of Milo and soya with coffee jelly and whipped cream. (Yes, I ordered two drinks) Kway teow is known to be super oily because it needs oil to keep it from sticking together.

It seems that the only one without much change was JW and me - Yuriko colored and permed her hair; Kiki colored her hair; Ling did rebonding (again). JW and I just had longer hair, mine looking like sh!t and his styled something close to Cloud Strife's.

I ate up too quickly and ended up with a bloated stomach, plus the air-con was effing cold, so we just paid up and got out of there, without much of a fixed destination. Since I was still the only jobless one, and Padi House still hasn't called me, they accompanied me on yet another job hunting trip, except this time the 'expedition' is at night.

At first I wanted to try asking for a job at Pappa Rich, partially 'cause the pay is pretty good (info from Erwin), and the place seemed pretty nice. When I was there tonight, JW met one of his friends (who studies/studied at Saujana) and supposedly it's all jobs in one - waiting tables, clearing tables, cleaning toilets, ... wha--? That's why I just dropped the thought. Hey, perhaps it's a joke or something that I didn't get.

Anyways, we first stopped at Eu Yan Sang, for whatever reason, and also stopped at Sen-Q. In search of the job, we passed by MusiZone, and the first thought was 'Hey, maybe this will work', then I remembered - some 2010 5B students worked there. Not that I have anything against them, but I just don't like them. *pass~~~*

I contemplated working at the hotel, but I'm not gonna risk running into a drunk. Next up, Taiwan Dami. By the sound of the name of the restaurant, it seemed like a Taiwanese food restaurant, but I didn't linger too long to find out - I (or rather, Ling helped) ask about the vacancy, I filled out a form (MY HANDWRITING!!!!!!) and sat for a short interview-ish thing - she just explained the hours, the rough terms, my previous working experience, etc.

After that I was just asked to wait for their call (again). Yuriko told me to tell them that I would be able to work for much longer than just a month, but if you're the boss and someone came up to you asking about the vacancy stuck outside, I'd rather have someone be honest and tell me how long they can work other than have them back out at the eleventh hour.

I met a kitty somewhere in the walk. White little kitty~ He/she seemed pretty scared being hoisted so far above the ground, but he/she was kinda friendly, not to mention effing cute. XD

I also considered asking at Shapa Shapa Shabu, but didn't anyways. I dunno why, because steamboat/shabu shabu restaurant are more or less the easiest restaurants to work at - you just assemble the set or whatever the order, bring it to the table, then wait for refills or such. The key point here is that the sets are usually in one big tray already, so there's not much worry about spilling the sauce or the likes.

Eventually we went to the initial destination - Old Town. We ordered two garlic breads and shared (Yuriko's treat). My mum started chasing me at 10.30pm, and I eventually got home at 11pm.

It's surprising how change happens even in the shortest amount of time - they haven't changed fully in character, but they've changed physically - JW and Yuriko both lost weight (Yuriko has an hourglass shape!!!), Ling has gained a bit of weight, but Kiki more or less stayed how she is. Me? I dunno. I feel taller and slimmer with the gang, but with family, I need the help of some tall shoes.

As for the day out with the BF, it just won't happen. My mum has said a solid 'no', and I think there will be no trips in the near future. My mum thinks I dunno how to use public transport, and thinks public transport is dangerous. Plus, she doesn't like the crowds that go to the city, so the only options are Sunway Pyramid and Mid Valley. *headaches...*

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