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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Since I started using makeup (which is around the start of 2009), I've used 6 different tubes of mascaras. Not all of them were brand new, though - most of them were given by my aunt, and they're usually used halfway or near to drying up.

What I usually look for in mascaras are:
  • Price
  • Curl-holding
  • Formula
  • Brush
  • Smudging, flaking, etc

My first tube of mascara was the Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing. This was the dried up tube when I started using it - it flaked. But the results were alright: they held the curl pretty well, and it was the kind of mascara that you'd look for to get natural-looking lush, fluffy lashes. Majolica Majorca is, if I'm not mistaken, a Taiwanese/Japanese brand that is available at Guardian pharmacies.

I was using the Lash Gorgeous Wing (now Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo) until my aunt gave me two more tubes consecutively - Revlon Double Twist and Maybelline Volum' Express Hypercurl Cateyes. I didn't like both of them at first, but then I learned the technique in using the brushes and these two became my favorites. I used the Maybelline mascara more, due to my initial reluctance to experiment with the Revlon's unique brush. It clumps like hell (volumizing effect) unless you comb them out before they dry up, and it holds the curl pretty well.

The Revlon Double Twist is my second favorite mascara - the unique brush helps separate the lashes and the formula isn't over-clumpy. The lashes do 'wilt' a bit after application, but if you have a heated lash curler it shouldn't be a problem.

My next tube of mascara was my first brand new tube - Opera Volume Control mascara. This mascara clumps proportionately to the number that you set on the dial (1~10, one being natural, 10 being dramatic). Its formula is supposed to help curl your lashes naturally, but I have to disagree - even after curling my lashes, they 'wilted' slightly after application. The brush is beyond normal. =P Opera is a Japanese brand, and I thinks it's not available in Malaysia (I bought mine in Parkson Shenyang).

My next mascara is my all-time favorite - Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara. I've got two of these (courtesy of my girls XD) and am still trying to finish up the first tube. The brush is the highlight of the whole product - it's practically the largest brush EVER, with thin, stiff bristles for even application and separation. The formula is OMG my favorite, it's formula is just wet enough so that you can layer on as many layers as you like, without the excess clumping and IT HOLDS THE CURL LIKE NO OTHER!!! I get false-lash like lashes after curl and application. This mascara really lives up to its name~!

Finally, my least favorite mascara to date - Lancome Hypnose. After finding Michelle Phan on YouTube, I've gone more or less crazy over Lancome products. I tried the other mascara, the Oscillation (the one with the vibrating wand) and that was alright compared to this one. the volumizing formula is good, slightly clumpy, the brush is specially designed for even application, but the formula ... It's so wet that I might as well didn't curl my lashes in the first place - they went back to the way they naturally are. One good thing though, it's great for lower lash mascara application.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of these pictures.

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