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Sunday, January 23, 2011


I'm a typical girl with more violent mood swings than most girls, that's why I still succumb to an ailment called fangirl fever. This fever is usually always there, but suppressed when the situation calls for it, and when the object that triggers the fever (varies between different people) appears, the fever reaches an all time high, usually subsiding after a few minutes, hours, days or even weeks!

So right now I'm having the T.O.P fever. I started listening to Big Bang once after watching their Lies MV on Youtube, then my friend Bluetoothed SOL's (aka Taeyang) solo single, Wedding Dress. I never really listened to Big Bang after that, but now I'm HOOKED on Beautiful Hangover.

It all started with Big Bang's collaboration with 2NE1 for the colorful, funky single Lollipop. I kept waiting for Taeyang to take the stage, but the more eye-catching character was T.O.P. He did most of the vocals for the song.

Right now I'm obsessing over him and his music - Beautiful Hangover (definitely beautiful with T.O.P and G-Dragon~~) and T.O.P's solo single Turn It Up. And I'm thinking of a way to get that spy drama IRIS. XD

Oh yeah! I've got a 'to blog' list on the right. --> I'll try to get that done within this year. =x Plus, I'll be doing a post on review (a fancy word for 'my thoughts') on the Beautiful Hangover music video.

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