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Sunday, January 16, 2011

CNY is coming!!!

Ohmigosh! CNY is coming and I'm not near even ready yet!!! I've got the dress down, shoes down, I only have my makeup and the color lenses!!! Yes, I want color lenses. I want them from honeycolor, kiwiberry and all those online sites which sells PINK lenses! Goddamnit! Why doesn't local brands have pinks! EOS, specifically. Here in Malaysia you can only find Barbie, Geo, FreshLook and FreshKon (the reliable ones).

Well, the only brand I can rely on now is FreshLook. Geo isn't really good (according to users' comments), I dunno where you get Barbie lenses and FreshKon is just slightly below FreshLook. I'll take another look at the colors later. =P

Even my chores aren't done yet - I still have to re-type my mum's ancient recipes which look as if they were written on parchment - they're yellow. And I don't know whether my printer will work with this particular PC. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

A new blog list is coming up, this time it's one entire post for a topic, and not a million topics in one post. =) Here's a hint for the coming post: the most popular teenage wizard. If you can't figure out this hint, you're in the stone age. =x

I'm still thinking about getting these few things done:
1. Last helix piercing, this is for sure, I just need to time it right
2. Tattoo
3. Nose job
4. The V-face

My mum is still reluctant where the tattoo is concerned - initially (before we had any intention of getting one in the first place) she was OK with it, saying it was alright with her as long as we don't come home looking like a Yakuza member. Now she's saying it's better not to as I know very well what the general public think about tattoos. Basically, the 'general public''s opinion is this - tattoo = bad guy/gangster. Here's what I have to say to them: FUCK YOU.

Some contouring skills would take care of the nose part, but I dread the task of slowly finding the correct shade of brown, then drawing two lines at the side of my nose and very precariously blending it so that it looks natural. Here's the ultimate no-no about nose contouring - it doesn't look natural in real life, it's mostly only good for photography.

As for the V-face thing, I actually read a post on a product on Xiaxue's blog before. For now I haven't looked it up yet, and I doubt that it's easily available in Malaysia. Even if it were, I think I'd need to ask for a loan. =P

I'm still contemplating whether to get blue, green or violet lenses. I've tried the FreshLook Amethyst Colorblends, I'd like to try some other color, but I'm afraid the color of my makeup would clash with the color. Here are the few choices, all are FreshLook:
1. Colorblends Blue
2. Colorblends Brilliant Blue
3. Colorblends True Sapphire
4. Colorblends Gemstone Green
5. Colors Sapphire Blue

They don't have much choice for greens, and I want those really bold greens like this one and this one. I'm the kind who likes to stand out with some subtlety. XD

I'll try to keep this post short and sweet, so I'll end this here for now~ =)

Ps. I just found the FreshKon site and the Colors Fusion Dazzlers in Groovy Green, Cool Green and Sky Blue look pretty cool. XD

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