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Monday, January 31, 2011

Blincon Sweetie Series

Blincon is a Korean brand of disposable lenses that are available in certain optical shops in Malaysia. I've only seen their advertisements on Chinese newspapers so far. I only got to know this brand after I was informed that my wanted FreshKon Dazzle / Cool Green planos were unavailable.

In my opinion, Blincon lenses would be more of a better investment than in FreshLook and FreshKon lenses, compared to the Sweetie series at least. Better comfort, better enlarging, though the color is more muted. The FreshLooks and FreshKon's are better for color, but not for size.

Price-wise, the FreshKons and FreshLooks costs around RM40-50, cheaper when individual optical stores have individual promotions, and last for a month (30 days). The Blincons are priced at RM70 per pair, but can last for up to three months (90 days).

If you take good care of your lenses and you're willing to take the risk, you can extend the duration of wear for your lenses. If you experience blur vision, excess tearing, unusual sensitivity to light while wearing your lenses, you should stop wearing them and consult your optician.

The Blincon Sweeties come in small blister packs. After you open any new lenses, soak them in lens solution for at least four hours before first wear. I dunno whether this applies to conventional vision-correcting lenses, but they apply for cosmetic lenses.

The specs for the Blincon Sweetie lenses:

Available in:

Sweetie Blue

Sweetie Grey

Sweetie Violet

Sweetie Brown

Sweetie Green

I own the Sweetie Greens and here are some comparison photos on my eyes (forgive the redness =P):

Without lenses

With lenses

The lenses color in different lightings (I'm a noob at lens photography, proceed at your own risk):

Natural light

Bathroom light


It's basically very dark, and unless you have light-colored eyes and/or small irises, the color is not very visible. The pattern is pretty, and since these are enlarging lenses they have very dark outer rings, with a hint of color towards the center.

The color is more visible under sunlight, but with flash photography it's more of a turquoise-ish teal rather than green. If you're going for color, these are not the lenses for you, but they're yay in the enlarging department.

You would experience some discomfort if you're not used to wearing such large lenses. To get used to wearing lenses in general, wear it for about an hour for the first day, two hours on the second day and so on. Try not to wear lenses for more than 8 hours continuously a day.

Unlike what they say on the internet, cosmetic lenses (some call them color lenses) are perfectly safe and will not make you go blind. Just remember to clean and store them properly, stop wearing them after they pass their expiry date and don't wear them for too long.


  1. why need to soak for four hours before use? There's no such rules applies.

  2. I went to optical shop, and they told me that blincon sweetie and bb range is for 1month disposable only. 3months disposable is the another range..

    1. I know, but I wore these for 3 months.