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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bad start

This year's CNY seems to suck for lotsa people - stress, family pressure, illnesses, etc.

In my case, the after-effects of long-term starvations and irregular sleeping hours are getting to me and I had an effing painful stomachache yesterday morning. I threw up what I ate (Munchy's Oat Krunch in Dark Chocolate) and was actually drenched in cold sweat. I took a couple of painkillers then took a rest. This morning I woke up at 8am and the stomachache threatened to attack again.

Then while waiting for our take aways at Herbs & Spices (sucky restaurant), Taiwan DAMI called to confirm my employment. They're willing to employ me, which is a pretty huge achievement for me (myself). And what did they do? 'What kinda person is the employer? Do you know that there are a lot of Taiwanese people who are bad people?' Always negative. Then 'Is there any letter of employment? What happens when they only pay you RM3 per hour instead of RM4 they promised?' Can't you just rejoice at my microscopic achievement? Why do you have to throw my back into the abyss when I've just got a leg out of it? And this is what they call 'family support'. They'll support both my sisters, not me. Being born smack in the center sucks like shit.

In my dear's case, family pressure + schoolwork pressure. He's got assignments piled up and yet his dad is nagging him about house-keeping. What's more his bedroom is taken by his grandma, he has to sleep on the couch...

Doesn't seem like the year is starting off nicely. Yeah, there's new stuff and whatnot, but things aren't looking good. Hope the tables will turn in our favor soon.

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