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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

About me ...

I have come to really hate smokers, those who constantly smell like smoke and tobacco anyways. Thankfully, my aunt and uncle (the only two who smoke in the family) smell perfectly ... nice~ XD As opposed to the usually oily-skinned LCLY people on the streets, my smoking relatives smell like normal people, and not like they've been swimming in smoke and tobacco.

I do admit that when I was younger, I actually thought smoking was cool, even after all the no-smoking campaigns run by the government and subsequently my primary school. It was right until my 3rd BF did I start hating it - saying you've quit smoking and then smelling like a smoking cigarette isn't what you call honest.

I think it's the choice of tobacco that also counts - my aunt smokes only Virginia Slims and my uncle does hand-rolled cigarettes, which means no nicotine, tar, and all that poisonous stuff you find in manufactured cigarettes. While those I usually see most probably got their smokes from the nearest mamak or convenience store, which are the cheaper ones.

Now I don't claim to know much about smoking, and I most probably will never smoke in my entire life, but this is what I've gathered from observation. I can't say anything about celebrities (like Uruha, Ruki, etc =x) smoking, 'cause I don't know them, all I can say is that they have an unhealthy habit. (Though I think at one point I heard that Ruki already quit smoking)

Shopping isn't walking around a mall going into boutiques or buying stuff at the supermarket, a simple walk into a shop to purchase one item would also be called shopping. My family's type of shopping? Have an objective of the need/want to purchase item, then as we're making our way there, observe. After purchasing, then the end, go back home. My gang's way of shopping? More or less wander floor by floor, enter the shop, if the item is right make the purchase, then just walk and walk and walk until it's time to go home.

Being the shorter of the three siblings (my younger sis is gonna be taller than me soon), I usually try to increase my height by using shoes. I don't have any grudge against sneakers and sandals, but I find it hard to find a pair of suitable ballerina flats. What I usually look for are those impossibly tall shoes (I just bought another pair even taller than my 3 1/2" wedges, though I was looking for stilettos instead of another pair of wedges), usually strappy and platformed.

I got my first lobe piercings in 2006, for @#$% RM75, but only the one on the right lasted. The number of piercings increased, one by one (sometimes in pairs) going up the ears. In 2010, I should have already finished my piercing collection (target is 9 of them), but due to a mistake in the piercing process, I had to let one close. I never really thought of getting an inner conch piercing or stretching my piercing, though. As a kid, things like those were actually scary to me. =x

When we make our almost-weekly visit to Mid Valley, we would usually have a debate over what to have for lunch. The selections include Pasta Zanmai, Kenny Roger's, Manhattan Fish Market, Popeye's and Nando's. Kenny Roger's and MFM is now the usually less-opted-for choice due to the crowd and quality deterioration respectively. As for the healthier choices, Pasta Zanmai and Nando's would be better - unless you order cream pasta, the dish in generally low in oils and fats; Nando's is roasted chicken, in which the oils and fats have most likely already all dripped away.

I don't think I blogged about the education fair after the Genting trip in detail. Anyways, on that day, mum fetched me there, along with Yeanchi. The others took the U71 bus from school, meeting Kyo on the way. A few minutes after the exhibition actually started, we were grouped outside the exhibition hall, though under 5 minutes we were separated again.

For the first time in my life I actually asked for details from some college staff, partially due to the absence of mum (though she did go around the fair) and that I really need to make a decision now that I've already graduated from secondary school. I went to the TARC and IACT booth - the TARC course seemed more promising and detailed, but supposedly the distance from my place is almost twice of that from Taylor's.

IACT was my initial choice, but somehow their explanations, etc lack detail, as opposed to TARC with pretty much everything explained. Though it's almost impossible, I'm still considering the makeup artist thingy, just because some lady from Styling Pavilion called and ranted about the possibilities of makeup artists. ARGH~!

I wasn't exactly the 'I have an ambition' kinda kid - I went with the flow, whatever showed up I just dealt with it (though this doesn't apply in all cases). As a kid I dreamed of becoming a teacher (that thought is long gone) or a rock star (which probably will never happen seeing my progress on the guitar - my fingers still don't have that kinda strength).

Now that I've confirmed my interests, here are the few career choices - makeup artist, event planner, full-time blogger, and/or interior designer. My interest is more or less completely in makeup, and I think freelancing as a makeup artist is pretty promising - Petrilude is a self-taught freelance makeup artist and he can afford MAC Pro. And I heard that nowadays just a 2-hour bridal makeup session can earn up to RM500.

Xiaxue seems to be doing pretty well blogging. She gets sponsored, she literally earns money by pouring out her thoughts. Or perhaps I'll dedicate my life to cosplaying and J-rock journalism. =P Either way I'm still gonna have to make a choice, and soon.

Malaysian car upgrading seems a little ... trying-too-hard like. Some people would take local cars and add BMW-like parts, or perhaps a Mitsubishi logo there, when it's so freakin' obvious that it's a local car. Then the stupid loud, fake engines.

Every time I start a relationship, the 'self-conscience' mode automatically switches on. I actually dreamed about throwing tantrums over my tummy. =x

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