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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Makeup related post

There are many people who are extremely against makeup (JW included) 'cause some of them don't understand the true beauty of makeup skills. Despite the many years that makeup has existed, there are a few people in society these days who don't know or aren't willing to learn the real art of makeup. I'm not saying I'm a makeup pro, but at least I know when to stop and how to blend. =P

Typically, all people who use makeup are just stereotyped into 'ghost face' because of those few people who don't know how to use makeup and the brushes correctly. As I've said, I'm no expert or professional at makeup, and there are things about makeup that I'm still learning (like applying fake lashes) and perfecting (winged liquid liner). You could call me a wannabe, 'cause basically that's what I am - I wanna be like Michelle Phan (I know that there are lots of haters out there, I don't know why. What? You're jealous?) and Xiaxue.

So here's a little something for the girls who like smokey eyes but still dunno how to do it. There are two simple ways of doing this, each with it's own effect - eyeshadow method and eyeliner method. For the eyeshadow method, what you'll basically need are minimum 3 eyeshadows of the same color but different tone (light, medium, dark), a flat/fluffy eyeshadow brush, eyeliner, eyelash curler and mascara. Here's what you do:
1. Highlight inner corners and brow bone with lightest shadow using flat brush. Blend well.

2. Apply medium eyeshadow to entire eye and outer 1/3 of lower lashline using fluffy brush. Blend well.

3. Apply darkest eyeshadow along outer-V, getting into socket for more depth, using fluffy brush. For darker look, apply darkest eyeshadow on outer 1/3 of lower lashline.

4. Line eyes, curl lashes and apply mascara.

The second method is the eyeliner method. The difference is that you could vary the color using the shadow method. The liner method is usually black, but the intensity could be slowly build up. What you'll need is black pencil liner, fluffy shadow brush, lash curler and mascara. This method might need more blending skills, so you could practice blending before you start trying this method. Here's what you do:
1. Line eyes thickly with pencil liner. No need for precision here.

2. Use fluffy brush and blend outward for smokey effect. Shape can vary here.

3. To increase intensity, repeat 1 & 2.

4. For darker look, line outer 1/3 of lower lashline and smoke out.

5. Curl lashes and apply mascara.

If you want the really intense smokey eyes, it would be recommended that both the upper and lower waterline also be darkened. No skin color should show at the lash roots. Usually I'd just line the outer 1/3 of the lower waterline. This look is called 'smokey eye' because the color is smudged and blended in such a way that the color gradually 'fades' into the skin, like smoke. =) What you want to take care of is that you avoid or conceal your dark circles when you do this look, 'cause dark circles will just make you look like a zombie when combined with this look.

I've never tried it, but the Revlon Beyond Natural foundation is a real temptation. I don't exactly own a foundation - the foundation I use is my mum's, which was given to her by my aunt. It isn't exactly completely matching with my skin tone, but it works well enough if I use a face brush instead of the given sponge applicator. The reason why this product is so tempting is that it's supposed to start off from white, the as you apply it, the color will slowly morph until it matches your exact skin tone. To be honest, I dunno what my skin tone actually is, 'cause my skin tone is generally uneven, due to long hours in the hot, equatorial sun. Right now I'll finish using the foundation I have, then I'll try out Revlon Beyond Natural foundation~ =)

In previous posts, I've mention about the Max Factor Falsh Lash Effect mascara. It is, to date, my favorite mascara, followed by Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes and Revlon Double Twist. The FLE brush is huge, and has very small fine bristles which aren't chunked together like other mascara brushes. It holds the curl perfectly and it significantly lengthens and volumizes the lashes until they really look like false lashes. It clumps just enough to create the illusion of volume and the lashes are evenly spread out. The wand is gently tapered out at the end to allow application to the finer lashes in the corners. This mascara would be a real good investment, the only con (for now) being the stubbornness of it during removal. XD

I've just acquired another tube of mascara recently - Lancome's Hypnose mascara. This mascara was hawt a couple of months ago, and is a really good volumizing mascara. The brush is designed in such a way that the lashes are coated and separated evenly. The con? It doesn't hold the curl well - I usually curl my (Asian) lashes in such a way that they look like false lashes, then I apply the mascara. Right after I applied Hypnose, my lashes went back to the straight lashes that they originally are. o.o Other than that, it's a perfect mascara for those with thin lashes. =)

Some girls are simple and sweet, and the way that they apply the makeup is the same. You want to keep the overall au naturel, but you want a bit of color. What you need is two tones of a shadow color (pink, peach, sweet colors basically, but keep it minimalist-like), white/beige/light shimmering shadow, foundation, a face and/or eye primer, some brown shadow for contouring, pink/peach-toned blush, eyeliner, lash curler and mascara. The steps:
1. Apply foundation starting at center, working outward.

2. Use face brush, make fish face and apply brown shadow/contouring product from ear to crease made by fish face. Blend to achieve natural look.

3. Use off white colored shadow to highlight inner corners of eyes, brow bone and nose bridge. Blend well.

4. Take light tone shadow and apply to entire eye.

5. Apply darker tone shadow to socket and outer-V. Blend well.

6. Tightline eyes. (upper lashline only, this is to create illusion of fuller lashes)

7. Take blush, and apply to apples of cheeks, blending toward ears.

8. Apply pink-toned lip gloss.

The whole sweet look thing is, well, sweet-looking. Girlish sweetness is rosy cheeks and lips, dolly-like eyes with OMG lashes and remember that your overall presentation should also fit your makeup theme. As for the lip gloss/color and/or blush, you can replace both of these with a lip and cheek tint. Avon and Benefit manufactures them, but I think Benefit would be a better investment. There are two lip and cheek stains from Benefit - BeneTint (red toned) and PosieTint (pink toned).

I've finally got some essentials! Some face primer and a (good) liquid liner - Kate Covering Concealer for Pores and Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen. I've got huge pores on my cheeks and nose, so sometimes over-dusting of foundation is like ... OMG! You're supposed to apply this AFTER foundation, and what I do is dust a tiny bit of foundation onto areas which need the concealer, apply the concealer, then set the concealer and dust my entire face with foundation. As for the liner, well, I haven't finished my Elianto liner yet. =P

Manicure-schpedicure. All you need is a skin toned nail color like Elianto's Bisque~ A couple of coats of that plus #44 Glitter Mixed and eye-catching nails are yours~! Seriously, if you're opting for something simple yet elegant and cute, this just might work for you. Bisque isn't exactly a flattering color, so I think it's more for French manicures or blocking out yellowness or orangeness on the nails. That's what I did - two coats plus one coat of glitter for added reflection, and voila~! The good thing about the glitter polish that it's basically just clear polish with glitter, so it won't be as obvious if you've messed up~!

What I did was - I let my brows grow back, then shape them again. The growing process was slow, but it was worth it, I think. Ever since I started grooming my brows (start of this year), I hadn't exactly had a brow shape - they just changed a bit every time I did some touch ups, especially at the ends. Anyways I've finally a fixed distance between my brows - 3.2cm. Yes, I actually measured them. They were less than that previously, which made me look more fierce than my brows make me look now. Now I'm trying to grow out my brow ends - I like the tapered ends rather than the blunt ones I have now. =P

It's no wonder I thought I forgot something yesterday - I forgot to exfoliate. Exfoliation is actually the process where you get something grainy (scrub or exfoliating towel, etc) to gently scrub off the dead skin cells and sebum and let your skin resurface for clearer, brighter skin. It's usually followed by a facial mask, and I totally forgot to do that. Each exfoliation product varies, some have finer grains, some have very little but huge grains, etc. There are also those which allow you to exfoliate everyday without over-peeling your skin~!

I've watched Bleach recently. I love it, but haven't got a chance to watch the whole thing since there was school and other seemingly more interesting dramas/movies. There was this scene where the whole gang already got into the Seireitei and Ichigo was confronted by two weird guys. One of them being Ikaku, the other one with a feather poking out of the corner of his eye. I found Ikaku's eye makeup really nice, but haven't been around to trying it out yet. It's just a fairly simple red pigment winged out the the outer 1/3. Problem is, the only red makeup product I have is lipstick. o.o

My favourite character in Bleach is Abarai Renji, who has some unique looking brows. XD It's not impossible to replicate, but it's a challenge. And those shades that he owns ... where do you find those? I want a pair. XD

Though some people find it troublesome, makeup is a part of self-presentation etiquette. Even if you are feeling lazy, just curl your lashes and apply some mascara and blush. Highlight some key areas on the face so you look constantly bright and less tired. Basically, this is my basic makeup regimen (in the event that I do apply makeup =P):
1. Cleanse, tone, moisturize, sunblock.

2. Primer and/or concealer.

3. Foundation.

4. Eyebrows.

5. Eyeshadow.

6. Eyeliner.

7. Curl and mascara.

8. Blush.

9. Contour.

10. Lip color.

Usually once you get the hang of it, you reduce the time spent on applying.

That's it for my makeup related post. =) Till next time~

Ps. Most pictures are found from Google. =)

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  1. Wow- o.o. You put a lot of effort and thought into this post. <3 I really liek how you took the time to explain everything in detail, but kept it simple.

    I'm a complete makeup n00b. Like, I've never had concealer, or a real foundation. And don't know how to use eye shadow. Or lipstick. Or blush. >.>' Super n00b, here. All I do is take care of my skin: masks, exfoliation, etc.) Once I start to actually learn how to do anything at all, I'll be sure to check back tot his post for ideas. : D
    * * *

    Oh, and for the Geo lenses, about the lightest + most natural greens they have are the Tricolor/Nature/World/3tone Green. (A lot of names for one lens. @_@) ~~ There's also the more intense + noticeable, Twins Green, but it's less natural than the Tricolor Green. ~~ There's Nudy Green. It's the only one of the three that has a significant enlargement, but its colour varies. For some, it's translucent + barley shows up, and for others, it's a very visible pale green colour. Either way, due to the way it's coloured (almost with 'speckles'), it is not very natural either. :/ ~ Finally, there is the new Berry Holic series. It is also 3tone, and it has a green colour, and a light green colour. Both are natural and are a little bit more enlarging than the Twins and Tricolors.

    To see pics of the Twins, Nudys, and Tricolors/3tones, check out the Geo sub-album in the Soompi Circle Lens photobucket. (