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Monday, December 27, 2010


After finishing this guitar textbook, I'm officially moving on to electric guitar. The truth is, I haven't been practicing for the past week - my guitar is still in the guitar bag. =P I've been more or less living like a bum recently - sleep all day, trying to sleep all night, the times that I'm awake I'm online or watching TV. My desk is a mess even after trying to tidy it up for a week or so. *sighs*

My current favorite dessert (other than my other favorites) is the Jell-O No Bake Oreo. I dunno whether it's sold in other countries, but where I shop for groceries, it's sold. There are basically three sachets in the box - filling mix, crust mix and cookie crumbs. What you need is around 4 tablespoons of butter (not too much, if not the crust will be as hard as cold butter and tastes like it as well) and 3 1/3 cups of milk. The instructions are on the side of the box. Be warned, though, if you're not into really sweet and cold stuff, you might want to pass on this one.

My Genting Highland trip post was in Chinese. If you want you could translate it, if not you could read this summarized version. After pleading and planning, I was finally on the LRT to Titiwangsa to get to the bus station. The tickets were bought for the already packed bus, and the gang was separated - five right at the back, two at the front. Those two were JW and me. Opposite me was a Malay punk, also separated from his gang, but not completely - JW was opposite the aisle from me, and behind him was an entire gang of noisy Malay teenagers. Next to me was ... an African-American guy. O.O We got there in an hour, had some lunch, then went to the hotel lobby to wait for Kiki's mum to check in for us. Even after checking in, we had to wait till around 3pm for our room to be ready.

Instead of waiting, we went straight to the theme park (Yuriko & me in tall shoes =P) After playing, went back to the hotel room for rest and bath, then went out for dinner and more games. While queuing for the DiGi coaster, a fight ensued. A government guy was on the front seat of the ride with his two sons for more than 10 rides consecutively, but it didn't seem like he was gonna get off soon. This Chinese guy (with his two daughters) made a loud comment, at the same time insulting the guy. Immediately, all the staff (Malay) starting scolding the Chinese guy and almost starting hitting him. Last we saw, the Chinese guys younger daughter was crying. The last event was the arcade, so JW, Ling and I made our way back to the hotel room.

We slept at 2am. They say there are first-times everyday - it was the first time I'd went to Genting with my friends, but I'd never have thought it would also be the first time that I'd sleep with a guy. Now I know what you're thinking - nothing happened, we just shared a bed and a pillow (unknown to him), and I almost got squished. Next morning we had breakfast in the hotel room, checked out, then went around looking for activities while waiting for the next bus back to KL. By the time we got out tickets, the whole place was misty and we were breathing mist breath - I tell you, mist breath only exists at temperature near 0'C. Imagine how cold it was, and I was wearing an bare shoulder top with no jacket. =.=

My first ever YouTube makeup tutorial was by MissChievous, if I didn't remember wrongly. Right after my first MissChievous video I subscribed, and I also followed her blog. I just love her! Though most of the products she uses are way beyond my budget, she makes everything very clear - what type of product you should use, what brush, how to apply it, etc.

My next YouTube guru Michelle Phan. I still distinctly remember that my first Michelle Phan video was the Geisha mask tutorial. I love her soothing voice and clear instructions. And another reason why I love her videos is that she usually uses music by Kaskade or Late Night Alumni, who makes really good music.

It took me some time to find Petrilude, who is also on YouTube. The first video I watched was the Unzipped tutorial, and the skill really wowed me. All of the guys I know avoid makeup like it was the plague, and here he was using all sorts of face paints, liquid latex, etc.

Blogger-wise, I always look forward to updates from Wendy Cheng aka Xiaxue. I forgot how I stumbled upon this blog, I think it was by blog-walking. Anyhow, her posts are exactly the type of posts that I like to read - long, but not boring, and detailed. Though her layout is more or less the color I would usually avoid, I actually feel at home when I'm on her page.

I hate punks (guys only) who (on purpose) wear their jeans/pants so friggin' low that half their underwear shows. To me, it's disgusting and ugly. I mean, showing the elastic band to flaunt the brand is already over-the-top enough (who cares what underwear you wear, anyways?), but this. Same goes for girls, though usually this is pure accident. If you know that your jeans always goes lower when you sit, wear mini panties or just fold your granny panties over so that you don't have your worn out pink lace panty hanging out. IT'S DISGUSTING. So, girls, invest in a batch of mini panties, or even better, thongs or G-strings. Guys, either you cover up your underwear or you stay at home.

I've been craving falsies for over a month now. The thing is, I can get falsies practically anywhere, for the lowest of prices, the problem is the glue. I have never bought lash glue before, and am wary about buying unbranded or brands I've never even heard of, and yet those with a brand known to me is bloody expensive. Supposedly there's one available at Sasa which Kiki is using and is really good. Perhaps I'll take a look there soon.

I've been going through some of the GazettE older PVs previously, and I've noticed that they really like to film their PVs with mannequins, or at least mannequin body parts. It gives it a nice touch, but seeing Uruha caressing a mannequin's hand is kinda creepy. o.o

My friend just told me this little tip about 'talking with rings'. It's something like body language. =) We'll start off with the left hand - a ring on the pointer means you're single; the ring finger means you're married. Then the right hand - pointer means you're widowed; ring finger means you're in a relationship. For both hands, a ring on the middle fingers (THE FINGER!!) means that your career/education/bread and butter is 'blocked' (in Chinese terms =P), which more or less means your work would be harder. It's easier explained in Chinese. =x And for the pinkies, if I didn't remember wrongly, it means you're widowed. As for piercings, don't stretch any if you're superstitious - large hole in your ear means that there's a large hole in your wallet, which means you'll be spending more than usual. And trust me on the piercing one, I have personal experience.

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