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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

After hiatus PART 5

Ogei~ I complete forgot whatever holidays and whatever that happened during those holidays in the past couple of months. All I know now is that I'm (hopefully) going to Genting Highlands then (also hopefully) 100'C for Yeanchi's birthday dinner. And that I also got another piercing, a inner conch. Got this piercing mainly because it Key from SHINee had it and I also needed another place for an extra piercing. XD

I have a new target! As in ... I dunno ... it could be guys ... it could be my future ... it could be many stuffs. I just watched MissChievous' review on some Sigma brushes, and ... ... ... ... ... I WANT THEM!!! The number of brushes I own can be counted with one hand - fluffy shadow brush (from Daiso, RM5), TheFaceShop gel liner brush (RM29, if I'm not mistaken), TheFaceShop angled liner brush (RM19, I think) and a no-brand medium-sized face brush (from Marie Claire magazine).

Some say freedom is given, some say it's earned. I dunno which one to decide upon. The key to one's freedom is first to gain trust. But even at the 'ripe old age' of 17, I'm still not free, up to my expectations, anyway. My parents still think I'm a child, who hasn't been out in the world alone before. Please. I can navigate myself well enough. And if I'm not given the chance, how can I get 'experienced'? Usually I have to resort to lying in order to go some places. I am the way I am because they made me so - her mood swings are so serious that everyone is actually afraid to ask her anything. Especially when going out with friends - it's either she takes me there personally, or I don't go at all, and after all that she expects me to be street-smart. I'm no genius. Nor can my emotional quota fit everything that you're throwing at me. Sometimes everything just overflows in the form of tears in the middle of the night.

My favourite women's magazine right now - Women's Weekly Malaysia. Although the title says 'weekly', it's actually a monthly-issued magazine. Compared to my previous favourites (Mina, Cawaii, etc), WWM holds its own pretty well. It teaches makeup, style, diets, exercise, health, and also current issues; Mina and Cawaii are more towards fashion and beauty magazines, so their content are more of what the latest Japanese and Korean trends of dressing, hair styling tutorials, makeup tutorials, etc.

My new favourite fried chicken - Popeye's. I dunno whether it has branches anywhere else (it presumably does) but so far I only know that there's one in Mid Valley Megamall, on LG floor opposite McDonald's, next to Domino's Pizza. The chicken is marinaded in a blend of spices, then fried to crisp-and-crunch perfection. The potato salad also has a little kick to it with a gentle touch of spice, and the uniquely flavoured biscuits are also a plus~

M.A.C had released a Venomous Villians series earlier on, which was a real temptation - makeup-loving and growing up watching Disney, I love Maleficent, not to mention Cruella De Vil (I'm a real evil person >D). Especially yesterday when I had the cash and we were hanging around the cosmetics area in Jusco, the temptation was like OMG! Lancome, Chanel, then there was the DKNY Be Delicious that I've been wanting so much~! Thankfully not a cent was used on cosmetics, if not that would be the end of my savings. T_T

On another trip to Mid Valley, I got some new clothes from F.O.S - a pink plaid top and a grey glittery T-shirt that was retailing for RM45 for 3 T-shirts at that time (promotion). I actually got two T-shirts from that same promotion, but on different days. I've been looking for a plaid top for ages, but it had to have a ladies' cut. The one I got wasn't exactly ladies cut, but there are draw-strings at the waist. I kinda regret buying it, 'cause now I can't think of one occasion to wear it out to (though it's obvious I could wear it whenever I want to), that's why my second T-shirt read 'WARNING: RECKLESS COMPULSIVE SHOPPER'.

November 23rd marked the start of SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) for all the Form 5 students in Malaysia. This exam was the stepping stone to your future - if your footing was good, you get to be successful (hopefully, it's hard with the government giving most oppotunities to the Bumiputeras); if you're imbalanced, you might land somewhere below everyone else. In my case, I was half of both - I didn't exactly master every subject, but I knew enough to get a credit (I think?). I successfully went through all the papers, 14th December being the last day (then the next two days were spent at Genting XD). Now we all have to wait for around 3 months for our results, then many will enrol for college/university to continue their studies.

That's it for the series. Now for the other miscallaneous posts.

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  1. Answering your question over here, too, in case you don't check back to my entry. ;]

    Anyway, you can only use Geo lenses? Yowch~~. In that case, there rea;;y aren't all too many good greens, unfortunately, if you're looking for a green that'll be visible. What sort of effect are you after, mostly? Like is enlargement primary, or colour? Or would you like to see if any series can do both. etc.