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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

After hiatus PART 1

A month's worth of absence and I have lots of things to blog about. More than 100, to be exact. I have lots of photos, but I hate that Blogger constantly reformats my text right after I upload pics and squeezes all my text into one paragraph, which makes reading hell, though I doubt that anyone ever does take the time to read my blog. After all, I'm not Michelle Phan or Xiaxue...

Everytime I go to Times Square, it's usually unknown to my mum. The only people who know about my trips are the people who go with me and at least one family member. Everytime, I go with my gang, usually to either buy particular stuff, watch a movie, go for karaoke or just to walk around and spend time. Oh yeah, and usually we play truant to go out. This time, we went there for a movie, Resident Evil: Afterlife, specifically.

Whaddaya know? RE: Afterlife is 18+ because of the 'gruesome' scenes that will damage innocent minds. =__= So then we opted for Devil, because no one wanted to watch Step Up 3D (fuck 'em), and we wouldn't watch Senario. The movie was actually nicely concepted, but only averagely executed. The devil would disguise himself among the wrong-doers, pretending to be one of them. And as publicly as possible, he'll kill everyone unless they take responsibilities for their actions and everyone else that tries to intervene.

We walked to Sungai Wang mall for lunch at T-Bowl Concept Restaurant. The usual thing about concept restaurants is that you just pay for the decor and the concept, you don't actually pay for the food, 'cause it usually sucks like hell. I ordered a cheese-baked chicken rice, and the cheese tasted as if it was cooked then left for a few days before being reheated and served - it had some kind of weird, sourish taste to it.

My makeup theme for the day was emo. So what I did was just thickly line my eyes with black liner, smudge the top into a smoke and line the waterlines, paired with pale lips. Unfortunately I looked more like a zombie-wannabe than an actually emo person, 'cause of the lack of concealer and the abundance of dark circles under my eyes. o.o

While we were back at Times Square, I seized the oppotunity to stock up my casual T-shirts. I do have T-shirts, but most of my tops are either half to long sleeves top and are far to suffocating for shopping trips that require taking public transport and walking under the merciless sun. What I bought? A white Death Note T-shirt, with chibi Light & L... Cute, but I don't remember Light having piercings, do you? o.o

I had a sudden craving for those long-ish wallets at that time and was looking high and low for a suitable one. But like all my other 'cravings', the rush got the best of me, which means although I planned to go to every stall and store possible to look for one, the rush to just own one overwhelmed me and I bought a (HUGE MISTAKE) white one which looks like an envelope with a teddy bear on it.

I know I've been ranting about aviators for a long time and in the end I did get a pair, but suddenly I want another pair. So much for minimalist, huh? XD The time we were at Times Square I saw some really nice ones, which means (the kind I'm obsessing about now) white frame, sepia lenses and a real nice bridge. So far I've put off actually buying a pair, but the thought still floats in every now and then especially on shopping trips with family when I don't have to use my own money~ XD

We sometimes go out for dinner or lunch on weekends, mostly depending on my mum's mood. We either eat out or order pizza or just let someone do the cooking and all of us dig in. For a couple of weekends, mum brought us to Thomas Western which is a night stall that opens at the OUG market. Though the choices are pretty much limited, but they compensate for that with the taste and quality, not losing on quantity either. The top photo black pepper grilled lamb chop, the bottom one is mushroom sauce mixed grill. I forgot to mention that it's pretty healthy considering that their food is grilled, complete with potatoes (and tapioca) and mixed veggies.

Everytime I go out with my gang, what I wear is usually any T-shirt and the same 2 pairs of jeans, occasionally my faded olive three-quarter pants. And knowing the local weather, it's bloody faggin' hot wearing jeans. So I told my mum (very politely) that I would like some decent going-out shorts that're not too short (I have thunder thighs, alright) and not too long (then it'll just be another pair of beach shorts, so no thanks). We went to Jusco and F.O.S, but nothing was right - either it didn't fit, it was too short, it was too long, or the design was just plain ugh... Till now I'm still looking for a pair of casual shorts, mostly at other places like ... I think you know what place I'm talking about ... yeah, Times Square.

My obsession with sky-high heels are still here. My mum and sis all criticise me for this, but hey! I was born without my mum's tall alelle, and even my 12 year old sister is gonna be taller than me, don't you think I should take some initiative? My 3 and half inch wedges are getting slightly short for me. My next target - gladiator or super strappy heels, preferably 4" or more. To have a picture of the design, go to and check out a post with a Fann Wong photo (it's pretty old, and I didn't take the time to remember the title). Anyways it's a picture with lots of people and Fann Wong, her heels were like OMG!!!

Around a month before the start of my SPM (23rd November), my mum tried to make a 'deal' with me - I get good results, THEN she let's me go to Tokyo Dome, which is around, what, around THREE FUCKING MONTHS LATER, AFTER THE GAZETTE'S CONCERT!!! I do really want to go to Japan, but then the main reason I made the request this time was 'cause I wanted to see the concert with Wisely. BUT WHAT'S THE FUCKING POINT IF MY PERMISSION IS ONLY GRANTED THREE MUTHAFUCKIN' MONTHS LATER??!!

Perfume is designed to just enhance the smell of the body to make you smell more sexy, sweet, slutty, whatever. It's NOT designed to help you mask disgusting odours from the kitchen. You want that function, you use an antiperspirant or a deodorant, not perfume, asshole. For perfume, the maximum sprays you use are 2 sprays, anymore than that you need another bath, 'cause you're gonna smell like hell and kill everyone else's smell receptors. Seriously, I could smell you from the other side of the bathroom door. Give it a break, woman! Perfume is expensive! It's not deodorant!

My lenses have expired. I think regular readers would know that. I want new lenses, though I'm still contemplating on the colour. For now, I have my sights set on pink lenses, the EOS Adults in particular. According to Noxin of Occasionally Cute, these are the most true pink lenses, and they look really sharp (which is the effect I'm looking for). I also contemplated on purchasing GEO's crazy lenses, but they could only be worn for 2 hours at a time, so maybe I'll get a green or blue. I'm blessed with large eyes, so I prefer colour to size, and therefore I'm not a fan of overly dark coloured, black, brown or gray lenses.

Just before I started the hiatus, there was suddenly something weird in my address bar. Usually after you type in an address, the system would remember the URL for you. So usually if you've typed '', the next time you type '', a drop menu would appear and immediately display the full address for you. But then suddenly there was a Youporn link. o.O Just all out of the blue, when no one had surfed any porn sites. Is there a problem? Or is someone actually visiting Youporn and denying it. And, no, I don't deny that I do watch porn every once in a blue moon, but not on Youporn, thank you very much.

I read a post on Ushishi once, which is about face care. I've concluded from experience and reading that if you originally have porcelain skin, don't slab on tons of unnecessary creams 'cause it's a waste of money and it screws your skin. If you have acne or blemish prone skin, then use quick absorbing and/or gel products. Ushishi's regimen was just warm water to cleanse, then cold water to close the pores. But that's her face, she has beautiful skin. No matter what scrubs or masks I use I still have abundant blackheads. I wish I lived in a cold country...

I'm not much of a nail polish person, but I do like my nails pretty during the short periods of holidays I get once I started going to school. So what I do is I rummage through my mum's stash and pick a color. That was last time, now I try mixing and layering colors together, then layer on a coat of colorful glitter. If not I just do a simple but pretty manicure of medium length nails and a coat of glitter polish. I try to go funky, but sometimes the colors just pop too much and people look at my nail with disgust rather than awe. =__=

During one day, our penolong kanan (I think) told us (form 5s) that a few classes would be proceeding to SMK Seri Saujana for an education fair, which was for the general interests of other people, though there was a makeup academy booth and I finally made contact with Stella In. So what I did was nip a few pastries from the Sugarcraft booth then just stand around waiting for the whole thing to end.

The basic concept about hairstyling is that you lose hair if you style too much. Give your hair a day or two's rest every week. Think of it as recuperation, in which time you give it some treatment (think spa). Although I don't style often at all, everytime I start styling, the hair comes out like rain. For better haircare, you could visit 'cause she posts entries on hair care techniques. You should believe her 'cause she bleaches her hair every month and her hair still looks glossy (though not perfect, but it's better than others).

At some point there was this report about a woman's implants bursting on a plane due to the different pressure. I was like ... HUH?! I thought implants were silicone? It seems that the lady got the cheapo implants that used ... you're gonna have this expression on your face: =__= ... water balloons. And this smart lady took a flight somewhere, knowing that pressure changes as the higher or lower you go from the normal atmospheric pressure. I dunno whether she died, but I only know that her boobs were history. =X

After three years of wiping pee off the floor and risking bites, Duke was finally sent away. Much to my despair, but my mum and dad were strongly with the idea. Dad liked dogs, but supposedly this 'mutt' was a monster. FUCK YOU. Mum loved him, but the work was just too much for her, as she was already juggling work and family. The younger one cried, sure, but the older one looked like she wasn't affected. She even seemed pleased that he was gone. FUCK HER AS WELL. The whole reason why he is gone is 'cause only mum & me did the work. The older one came home from school/work late and had the ultimate excuse not to do anything, but she did spend time with him on the weekends by venting her frustrations on him. The younger one, oh sure, you could tell her to do something, but she'll just get up begrudgingly, get the job sloppily done then just sit her ass back down on the couch/chair to continue whatever she was doing. How nice. And I wonder who was it who wanted the dog so badly. And I thought we had a first-hand agreement that we would share the duties of the little Duke, but of course, like any other kid, it was an empty promise, same goes with the older one. At least I did my chores everyday and spent some time with him. Right now I just miss him like crazy. Mum did say that we would go visit him, but it's been ages now and I haven't even seen his tail.

Back to more interesting and bright things, such as lash curlers. MissChievous and Michelle Phan uses the shu uemura curler; and I read on some other blog that cheapo lash curlers don't work as well as the shu uemura one, which ultimately tempts me to get one. I dunno the price, but knowing shu uemura, it's not cheap. Actually, shu uemura is actually more expensive than M.A.C in Malaysia. I dunno whether this is the case for other countries, but it came as a surprise to me 'cause I thought that M.A.C was the most expensive, then followed by shu uemura and Bobbi Brown. o.o

I had 8 piercings, now I have 7, 'cause I decided to let my left helix close up. What made me do this? It was swollen and sensitive even after such a long period of time. So I'll let it close up now and get it done again along with my 9th one. As for my stretched piercing, I still haven't gotten my stainless steel tunnel yet. This is partly because I was usually out of funds when I did get the chance to visit the silver store. Yeesh... My green Starbucks straw works well, but it looks weird when I use silver accessories for my other piercings. =s

I have this new term that I use to describe the kind of stylish people I wanna be - Japanese Ulzzangs. If you mix around with Japanese and Korean culture, I think you'd have a rough picture of what I said. Ulzzangs (I got this definition from MakeupPiggy) are Koreans, usually young men and women, with perfect skin and flawless makeup. I added the Japanese 'cause I really wanna be like Kiyodoll or Emeraude. *sigh~* Talk about peer pressure. I wish I had the guts that Xiaxue has. I know that no one is perfect, but it's really tempting to dress up and makeup like that and have everyone praising how good you look (directly or indirectly, some people just point and whisper to the person beside them that the person has an inch on makeup on).

I like photography, don't get me wrong, it was the thing I signed up for when I entered the Editorial Board anyways. What I don't like is that people keep asking me to take pictures, which in another way means standing around waiting for something interesting to snap, while everyone sits comfortably enjoying themselves. I have a duty to do this at school, so that's ok. What I hate is that relatives and friends ask me to help them take photos of certain events during a party that I planned to sit back and enjoy. Helping them is OK, the extremely not OK part is when someone else volunteered for the job then just shoved the camera at me when they were bored with it. FUCK PEOPLE LIKE THAT.

My whole gang knows who I crush on. I don't think it's only my gang, 'cause news tends to leak beyond the boundaries and goes international. =P Nah, I'm being sarcastic, but usually a large number of people knows, and most of those people are people outside of the gang. Right now I have 2 crushes. Yeah, sure, it's a lot, but it's less than 5, right? Anyways, one of you knows who you are. The other one, well, you just watch out. =)

I'm splitting this post into a few parts 'cause I think you guys know how I blog, which is by the truckload. Lots and lots of text, and a few pictures dotting the article. So that's it for part one, look forward to part two, if you're interested in a really crazy and stupid life. =) Ps. I forgot to rotate one of the pics. =P

Sunday, November 28, 2010

After hiatus INTRO

I know I've been gone for some time already, and this is because one stormy day, my lazy sis didn't pull out the telephone line plug from the modem and the modem got fried when a bolt of lightning struck. My other sis kept saying that she'll get it done soon, but she just went to the cyber cafe anytime she needed some internet. Anyways, now it's finally done, thank gawd, 'cause I've loads of stuff to blog about.

The reason why this is called intro is over the month or so, I've listed more than 120 things to blog about, which are mainly the things and conflicts and such that I have encountered over the past month. Unfortunately, I'm having my big exam right now (SPM to the Malaysians) and so Internet time is limited, but I'll finish on the 14th, and after that I can blog all I want. For now, I'll stop here, 'cause it's just started raining, and in fear of frying the modem once again, I have to log off. So, ciao!!